Comfy Sweaters Are My Fave! Stitch Fix Review #5 and #6

Hello fellow Fixers!

(I used to take a lot of selfies in college. Sorry)

Here’s how Stitch Fix works:
1) Sign up and create your own personal style profile
2) Schedule your first shipment (how exciting!)
3) Receive and try on your clothing in the comfort of your own home, styled with pieces that you already own
4) Check out online, within 3 days. Leave detailed feedback about what you loved and what you didn’t like so much. Every bit of information helps your stylist grow
5) Mail back your returns in the provided pre-paid envelope
6) Show off your new items! 🙂

Well guys, since I’m SO behind the ball on this whole blogging thing I’ve decided to back log my fixes from the past two years. These will just be short impressions of the items that I received with pictures of the style cards included. 
There will not always be pictures of myself, because I wasn’t big into reveals that long ago. Feel free to pin away!

Fix #5

Debbie, you seem like a really nice person, but I can’t get past the fact that you didn’t capitalize the t in ‘the.’ I’m not on a soapbox or anything, but simple mistakes like that make me shudder.

This is my actual life.

Anyway, on to the clothes!
(Still no Pinterest, by the way)

Pixley Rita Teardrop Bib Necklace – $42

(Picture from Pinterest)

This was the fix where I finally turned off jewelry in my style profile. Realizing that I still hadn’t worn either of the pieces of jewelry I had bought in my previous fixes, I finally snapped out of my delusion that one day I would. The color of this necklace was very pretty, but it was also very large. It’s definitely a statement piece, just not sure it’s the kind of statement I was looking to make.

Market and Spruce Raquel Mesh Insert Knit Top – $58

Okay, so I’m not trying to sound like I’m a hipster or anything (#socool), but it would appear that I received this shirt at least a year before it became HUGE on the B/S/T boards. You know, the one that is fitted and sheer over the cleavage so that everyone gets a good look at the, um.. girls. Heheh.. yeah. It would appear that my solution to receiving way too big tops was to request more fitted/tight clothing instead of changing my size in my style profile. Well, I stopped requesting them after this box. I also changed my cleavage preference to “less is more – keep it covered.”

RD Style Dharma Hooded Sweater – $68

This sweater is so my style! I love huge, comfy pullovers that I can curl up in! I don’t wear it as often as I used to, because I have so many cute tops I want to show off that I don’t bother covering them with a pullover. Maybe someone else can get some love out of it? It’s up on my Poshmark.

Level 99 Margaux Metallic Coated Skinny Jean – $128 (?)

I’d never even heard of coated jeans before I received these, but they were all metallic.. and shiny.. So obviously I fell in love with them. Not to mention they fit perfectly. I still wear them frequently to this day. So much so, actually, that some of the coating is stripping off of the pants in areas. I can’t bring myself to get rid of them though, because they’re so cool! The first picture is kind of dark, but the second picture shows them in all of their shininess! Also you can see that these are true skinnies and not loose fitting like some of their other brands. (You can see where some of the stripping is occurring).

Moon Collection Alexander Graphic Knit Drape Front Cardigan – $68

I think the colors immediately turned me off to this cardigan. I don’t even really wear cardigans that often, so I definitely knew I would never wear this item. That, and it was huge on me. Totally swallowed me whole!

Another 2/5. The story of my life. But that’s okay! A 2 – 3/5 is still a total win for me! Not to mention, it meant more money to spend on my NEXT fix! I can’t imagine I’d have requested Debbie again. This box was pretty far off from my style.

Fix #6

Is “cheers” a standard sign off for Stitch Fix stylists or is it just a coincidence that so many of them use it? Haha. I was totally ready for this fix. Bring on the romantic edge!

Mavi Gold Nigel Tall Length Skinny Jean – $138

Guys, this is the sixth pair of jeans I’ve purchased in SIX fixes! Am I a pushover for a good pair of jeans or what? Not to mention, they’ve all been different brands. I love that Stitch Fix has introduced me to all of these new brands that I love so much. These are a dark, olive color and super soft. A little on the longer side (seems a lot of high fashion jeans are), but I just roll and go!

Honey Punch Belle Graphic Print Knit Top – $48 (?)

This top is really pretty. I’m loving it at second glance, but I’m thinking that I probably didn’t keep it because it was too big. I still haven’t changed my size on my style profile from S to XS. I was probably getting pretty frustrated at this point. Yikes! It makes me sad to think about it!

Dee Elle Olivia Open Knit Cardigan – $ (?)

This cardigan went all the way down to the back of my knees and was very chunky and just, kind of.. frumpish (in my opinion).

RD Style Keira Crew Neck Split Back Knit Top – $48

I really liked the idea of a split back top (because I LOVE showing off my back), but not such a heavy, long sleeve version. I know it was in the middle of winter, but I still think I’d have preferred something more summery if it was going to be a split back.

Market and Spruce Benzer Heathered V-Neck Sweater – $68

I LOVE this shirt! I wear it all the time. It’s just big enough to be really comfy, but fits just well enough to not be boxy and unbecoming. I wear it casually with any of the pairs of jeans I have received from Stitch Fix. I will love this shirt until the end of my days!

Another 2/5. I liked this box, but not enough to request Gracie to stick around as my stylist (not that I even knew that was a possibility back then).

Well this has been a fun trip down memory lane! I hope I’ve given my fellow Fixers an insight into what Stitch Fix was sending two years ago, and some inspiration for your Pinterests 🙂 Thanks so much for choosing to read my little blog.

Until next time!
– Tia 🙂

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