Floral and Lace, Oh My! Elle Boutique Box Review #1

These pictures brought to you from my very first trip to Toronto, Canada!

We saw Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars and then the next night I attended my very first Major League Baseball game! Best trip ever!

EDIT: Elle Boutique has ended their subscription box service since this blog post was written.

On with the show!

Box #1

Le Lis Neon Green Striped 3/4

I mean, I’m not sure neon green is really my color. I think it kind of washes me out. It’s cute and all, but, oh wait.. what’s this?

BAM! Super cute flowy, floral back detail! I don’t think it’s enough to make me keep a shirt that’s majority a color that I dislike, but I’m loving the idea behind it. I told my stylist I like florals and lace and she totally delivered in this box!

Mavi Alexa Ankle

Before I opened this box I was chanting to myself, “I will not buy anymore pants. I will not buy anymore pants..” Darn it! Why do these have to be so soft and buttery? And why did they have to send me two pairs!? Ahhh! I guess I can rationalize buying one if I send back the other.. right?

Lola White Jean Jacket

No stock photo available.

This jacket is very lovely, and fits really well, but I don’t think I’ll wear it very often. If ever. I already have a light wash jean jacket that just sits in my closet, so I can’t really justify spending the money on it.

Navy Blouse with Floral Sleeves

This is a very pretty blouse, but the lace detail is super delicate and the holes between the flowers are juuuuust big enough for me to accidentally stick a finger into and rip on accident when trying to pull it on. I’d better not take any chances 🙁

Le Lis Blush Sleeveless Top

Uh oh guys.. I LOVE THIS ENTIRE OUTFIT! The blouse is very light and flowy and I love the blush color and the knit part. So adorable!

Mavi Alexa Ankle Olive Twill

The description says olive, but they really look more like a baby blue color to me. They go really nicely with the blush top. So, I mean, OBVIOUSLY I have to buy them together! I’m justifying this purchase by sending back the other pair of pants I received.

Burgundy Bootie with Zipper

These booties are really cute and fit great. They’re not uncomfortable to walk in. I kind of like them, but I don’t know if I’m in love with the quilted look. Hmm..

So there are still a few kinks that they are working out. Namely, the returns shipping issue. The way they explained it made it sound like an accident, but I did not receive a prepaid label with my box. I was instructed to send it back and I would be credited for the shipping. In the end, that’s alright with me. Also, invoicing. After I emailed them to say I received my box they sent me an actual invoice via e-mail with the prices of the items. There’s no checkout link, you just keep what you want and they charge you when they receive your returns. Lastly, there’s no where to leave feedback for your stylist. Which I guess isn’t that big of a deal, because when I e-mail them to let them know my returns are on the way I’ll just tell them what I thought of the items I returned.

All in all, a really fun experience! Unless the few things I described above are really off putting to you, I would definitely give them a try. It’s worth it to at least get one box, in my opinion.

Until next time!
– Tia 🙂

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