I Gave Trunk Club a Second Chance! Review #2

This post is brought to you by the cone of shame.

Poor Scout.

Forever a lap dog. I didn’t mean it as a challenge when I said, “this chair isn’t big enough for the two of us.”

Here’s how Trunk Club works:
1) Sign up and create your own style profile. Leave your contact information and your assigned stylist will contact you to talk about your style, sizing, and spending preferences (be very honest with them!)
2) Your stylist will put together a preview for you that you can look through and reject items from. Make sure you explain to your stylist why you may have removed any items so they are able to replace them with something that you may like better
3) Try everything on in the comfort of your own home. Try styling the items using the outfit suggestions that your stylist includes in a follow up e-mail
4) Keep what you love and return everything else within a 10 day period. Don’t forget to give your stylist feedback on everything!

I’m a huge believer in second chances (and I REALLY wanted Trunk Club to work for me). The last Trunk I purchased two items because Matt was insistent on it. An off the shoulder top and a pair of Paige jeans (totally the best!). However, most of the trunk was way too big for me, even though everything inside of it was an XS. This trunk I asked for XXS. I knew that supply in this size was short, and I was probably going to be sent a really hodgepodge Trunk, but I was willing to take the risk.

My Trunk included 14 items. Feel free to pin these pictures, or use them as suggestions for your stylist. I would also love your feedback about style and fit on my figure! I wanted to love EVERYTHING she sent, but I think I need a little help deciding what to keep.

Trunk #2

Halogen Scoop Neck Woven Tank – $39

It’s so funny how sometimes you end up with a completely different color/pattern than what they send you in the preview. In this case, I actually like the one they sent me better. It fits well, but I’m not sure I actually like the pattern enough to keep it.

Vince Sleeveless Silk Top – $225
AG ‘Stilt’ Crop Jeans Repurposed Black – $198

Mmm.. Nope. Too big and boxy and just not flattering. The pants fit nicely, but there wasn’t any “wow factor” like there was with the Paige jeans in my last Trunk. Half of the pants I’ve bought from Stitch Fix were more impressive.

Trouve Zip Racerback Tank – $52
Trouve Pull-On Skirt – $68

Let me preface this by saying I hate skirts. Not on other people, just on me. I didn’t like the print, but it was comfortable and it did have pockets (+10 points). It’s not enough to make me want to buy a skirt though. The shirt is nice, but it’s made out of a really clingy material that sticks right to my bra. Super annoying.

Better tucked in, I think.

Caslon ‘Devin’ Peep Toe Wedge – $79.95

I like the sophisticated look of these wedges, but I don’t need this color and they squeeze my toes a lot making me really uncomfortable. Sorry for the bad paint job, by the way.

Topshop Double Strap V-Back Camisole – $30

This shirt fits really well, but there just isn’t anything special about it. It’s just a basic cami and I can’t imagine where I would wear it. I wear all of my cami’s under clothing and I dislike spaghetti straps.

Halogen Sleeveless Shift Dress – $59

There’s just something about having an ironing board figure that makes people want to dress you up like you’re Twiggy and you came straight out of the 1960’s. Shift dresses look horrible on me, because they just don’t flatter me at all 🙁

Topshop Wrap Minidress – $75

I can’t decide whether I would have liked the black better than the red or not. Part of me thinks it looks sexy, and another part of me thinks it makes me look like I’m playing “dress like mommy” in a bathrobe. What do you guys think? I’m really on the edge.

Caslon ‘Carden’ Block Heel Slingback Sandal – $89.95

I don’t really like chunky heels and these shoes feel like they were cheaply made. Definitely not worth $90, in my opinion at least.

Trouve Strappy Back Camisole – $48

I think I like the pattern on this top. It goes well with my hair color and skin tone. But, again, the spaghetti straps.. agh..!

Trouve V-Neck Sleeveless Silk Top – $74
cupcakes and cashmere ‘Elle’ Cotton Eyelet Shorts – $95

I don’t think that this top really does anything for me at all, but I kind of like the shorts. I think they’re pretty cute. Matt doesn’t like them at all though. He thinks they’re really weird looking. What do you guys think?

Adelyn Rae Front Button Chiffon Blouson Dress – $98

Oh boy, another shapeless dress that looks like a sack on my body. (Sigh)

So all in all, things fit A LOT better in this Trunk which makes me a happy girl. However, I kind of feel like I’m being styled a little older than I really am. I’m thinking of asking if they have a Juniors section they can pull from for my next Trunk. It might even help with the fitting. What are your thoughts about that?

If you like what you’ve seen here and would like to try out my stylist, Darby, for yourself you can use my referral link: https://www.trunkclub.com/my/invite/FY57D7

Thanks for taking the time to check out my little blog. Until next time!
– Tia 🙂

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