From 0/5 to 4/5! The Power of Pinterest! Stitch Fix Review #9 and #10

This post is brought to you by my very first nursing award nomination!

Gosh, look how young I looked 😀

Here’s how Stitch Fix works:

1) Sign up and create your own personal style profile
2) Schedule your first shipment (how exciting!)
3) Receive and try on your clothing in the comfort of your own home, styled with pieces that you already own
4) Check out online, within 3 days. Leave detailed feedback about what you loved and what you didn’t like so much. Every bit of information helps your stylist grow
5) Mail back your returns in the provided pre-paid envelope
6) Show off your new items! 🙂

Well guys, since I’m SO behind the ball on this whole blogging thing I’ve decided to back log my fixes from the past two years. These will just be short impressions of the items that I received with pictures of the style cards included. 
There will not always be pictures of myself, because I wasn’t big into reveals that long ago. Feel free to pin away!

Fix #9

I don’t know how I feel about “super girly dress” and “skater skirt” in the same Fix, but it certainly did seem like quite the variety was in store for me.

Eight Sixty Alessia Skirt – $84

Hmm.. is this supposed to be the “skater skirt”? It went all the way down past my knees, and would have probably been better for a more modest dresser than I. I like to show some leg, haha.

Honey Punch Wakeman Crochet Open Cardigan – $58

This cardigan is such a great staple in my closet. I don’t wear cardi’s a lot, but I really like that this is a neutral and I can wear it with anything. Not to mention, the crochet details are super cute!

Mystree Kayella Lace Sweater – $68

This shirt was so much fun! I hesitate to call it a sweater, because it doesn’t really have any sweater features. I loved the lace detail, which is ultimately why I kept it. You can probably tell from the photo, but it’s shrunken and a lot of it has started pilling and there are even some breaks in the lace. It was a sad time. A time when I was young and naive and threw everything I owned in to the washer and dryer on normal cycles (did you all just cringe?). RIP!

Papermoon Jules Scalloped Blouse – $44

I really wanted to like this blouse, but of course it was too big. I still hadn’t changed my sizing from a S to an XS at this point, and hadn’t bought a single blouse in the nine Fixes I’d received, so I was really frustrated with the service (which is my own fault). I liked the color of this top, but I hated the scallops. There’s just something about scalloping that feels so matronly to me (no offense intended, obviously).

BRIXON IVY Renesme Floral Print Dress – $78

Speaking of matronly.. Is this supposed to be the “super girly dress”? More like my grandmother’s bathrobe. How terribly disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE florals. But I was 23.. Not 53!

While I would normally consider a 2/5 a win any other day, I think I was still coming down from how upset I was with my last fix (my first 0/5). I made sure to express my disappointment in my feedback when I checked out and was actually very surprised to receive an e-mail from them a day later apologizing. They even offered to set me up with a senior stylist, with whom I would have an amazing relationship and some AMAZING fixes!

Fix #10

This is the first stylist note I’d ever received that was personalized to me. It referred to my past feedback and things that I stated I loved in my style profile. Our relationship was already off to a great start with such a great note. Oh, and I FINALLY made a Pinterest! Huge milestone in my Stitch Fix history! 🙂

Mavi Kalie Medium Wash Denim Jacket – $98

I would have never picked up a jean jacket in any department store, ever. I think it’s mostly due in part to seeing other people that I knew styling them poorly. I’m convinced now that they’ve been given a bad rep. I loved this jean jacket when I tried it on. It’s so soft and fits perfectly. I don’t wear it often. Maybe with some dresses on special occasions, but I’m officially on board the jean jacket train now.

Le Lis Grant Lace Top Dress – $?

This dress was really lovely in theory, but it was a little too big for me. I liked the lace detail, but it was very long and I’m just not a fan of longer dresses.

Laila Jayde Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top – $58

Okay, yes, this top is a size too big on me, but it’s SO comfy! And it’s a dolman, so isn’t it supposed to be a little on the big size? Sometimes it turns into a little bit of an off the shoulder type of top, but it’s perfect for those lazy Sundays at home. I’ve actually been seeing a lot of people receiving this top recently in colors like turquoise, orange, and pink. I would LOVE to get my hands on some of those!

Daniel Rainn Tolley Mixed Print Crochet Detail Tie-Neck Blouse – $68

This beauty came directly from my Pinterest board. It’s probably a good thing it’s a S instead of an XS, because the material doesn’t have any give to it. It’s also entirely sheer, so I have to wear a cami underneath which is fine because I wear a cami under everything anyway.

Daniel Rainn Catalina Blouse – $68

Oh, god. Don’t mind the crazy smile. This is truly when my love affair with Daniel Rainn began. Another pretty sheer top, but that’s no big deal. I love the pattern and the fit is great. Again, no stretch to the fabric, so it’s better that it’s a S.

Elizabeth, you and I are going places after this 4/5 fix!

Well this has been a fun trip down memory lane! I hope I’ve given my fellow Fixers an insight into what Stitch Fix was sending two years ago, and some inspiration for your Pinterests 🙂 Thanks so much for choosing to read my little blog.

Until next time!
– Tia 🙂

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