A New Day, A New Adventure! Bungalow Clothing Review #1

I used to be the raddest RA.

I mean, just look at these name tags.

I recently tried out the Bungalow Clothing subscription box. I had wanted to previously, but I signed up last year and received an e-mail saying that I was placed on the waiting list. Well, a month later I responded to their e-mail and asked if I was any closer to coming off of it. Their answer was that they currently didn’t have any items in stock that reflected my budget points (which was odd because I had the highest settings picked out to avoid this from the beginning). What a super bummer! I deleted my account and just this month created another to try and give it a go again, and this time it worked! 🙂

Here’s how Bungalow Clothing works:
1) Head on over to their website and create an account to fill out your style profile. Remember to be super honest!
2) You’ll be contacted by your stylist (via e-mail in my case) and you’ll be able to make any special requests you want. At this time they’ll let you know when you can expect your first “dressing room.”
3) Receive your box and take 5 days to try it all on in the comfort of your own home.
4) Keep what you like and return what you don’t. You only pay for what you keep and are charged when they receive your returns. Shipping is free and if you text the number on your return slip they’ll schedule a FedEx pickup for you so you never have to leave the house.
5) Show off your new clothes! 🙂

There’s no styling or membership fees!
There is also no referral system in place that I know of.
As an added bonus, you can peek and see all of the items you’re being sent after they have shipped (for all of my fellow peekers out there). There aren’t any pictures, but a quick Google search should give you a good idea.

How exciting!
Originally I was a little worried. I was thinking, is this going to be a little too boho for me? That’s the total opposite of my style.
You be the judge!

Box #1

Joie Rain B Silk Flower Tank – $50

A home run right out of the box! This tank is so soft and cute, and I really like the little breast pocket detail.

Michael Lauren Eddy Sweat Short – $60

These sweat shorts are so cute and so SO soft. I really hated to send them back, but they were honestly just a glorified pair of pajama shorts and I couldn’t convince myself to spend $60 on them for that reason.

Michael Lauren Kenny Long Sleeve Pullover – $97

Just like the shorts, this top was really soft and totally my style. The only issue being it’s June and most of the time it’s 80 degrees out. I couldn’t justify buying a sweatshirt for $97 that I wouldn’t even wear for months from now.

Here’s a picture of the two together, just for giggles! 🙂

MLV Beaded Mini Dress – $260

This dress definitely appealed to my glam side with all of the sequins and sparkles, but I hated that it had spaghetti straps and it honestly made me look kind of like a flapper. I would really like a little white dress though.

Free People Rosalind Swit Dress – $84

Now THIS was a little too boho for me. I’m not a fan of long sleeves on dresses, and this dress was HEAVY. Like I said, 80 degree weather made this a no go fo’ sho. I also wasn’t a fan of how high the neckline was.

Here’s a close up of the crochet details.

Bella Dahl Split Back Button Down – $167

Matt really liked this top on me, but I’m just not a huge fan of button down tops. I find that they are too high maintenance for me. Always getting wrinkled, and I have no time for ironing. I do agree that it is pretty cute though.

Bella Dahl Cap Sleeve Drape Front Shirt – $114

I don’t really know how exactly to feel about this top. I like that the hem is folded over, because it’s unique. I don’t like the buttoned cross front. It kind of reminds me of a nursing top, which isn’t really the idea I want to be giving off right now.

Chaser Wake Up Lucid Sleeping Skull Muscle Crop – $23.60

What’s a muscle tee without a pose? #sunsoutgunsout
This shirt was soft and comfy, and I wouldn’t have minded the price it was at, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the graphic on the front and neither was Matt.

Splendid Slub Jersey V Neck Dolman – $48

It’s really more like a basic white tee, which I just don’t need any of right now.

Sanctuary Essential Cara Tee – $79

I was really on the fence about this top, but Matt loved it, so I just had to buy it! It isn’t often that he actually comments on my reveals and says that I HAVE to buy something, haha. It’s very comfy, with just the right amount of room. This one is more of a dolman than the shirt above, in my opinion.

Paige Hoxton Ultra Skinny – $199

When I saw that I was getting a pair of Paige’s I was so excited! I’m really not a fan of high waisted pants on myself though and these felt REALLY thick. Not at all like the Paige denim I was used to. A little disappointing actually.

Level 99 Liza Skinny – $50

I was ALSO really excited to see a pair of Level 99’s! Another of my favorite brands. I was especially happy to see that they were destructed. Maybe this is just me being too picky, but I really like white string more than the black on these types of pants. I just couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger!

Level 99 Naomi Western Jacket – $132

This was the softest denim jacket that I’ve ever tried on. It was too small in the sleeves for me, although even if it wasn’t I already have one jean jacket that I realistically never wear, so it would be silly if I bought another.

My final impression is that I LOVE this service! My stylist’s name was Rio and I really think they did an amazing job at getting my style from what information they could garner from my style profile. I’ve since attached a Pinterest board to my profile where I’ve pinned some of the items from their Pinterest page. I only bought 2/13 items, but I really think Rio was on the right track and I can’t wait to see how they use my feedback to make my next box even greater!

Until next time,
– Tia 🙂

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