Holy Most Expensive Fixes In History, Batman! Stitch Fix Review #27 and #28

STD’s.. You DON’T wanna catch ’em all.

Those Pokemon are crying.
..just saying’.

Here’s how Stitch Fix works:

1) Sign up and create your own personal style profile
2) Schedule your first shipment (how exciting!)
3) Receive and try on your clothing in the comfort of your own home, styled with pieces that you already own
4) Check out online, within 3 days. Leave detailed feedback about what you loved and what you didn’t like so much. Every bit of information helps your stylist grow
5) Mail back your returns in the provided pre-paid envelope
6) Show off your new items! 🙂

Well guys, since I’m SO behind the ball on this whole blogging thing I’ve decided to back log my fixes from the past two years. Feel free to pin away!

We’re starting to catch up! 



For this Fix I asked for some fun and sexy items for my anniversary! I, as well as many others (I’m sure), have learned that the best way to get what you’re looking for from Stitch Fix is to be very detailed. For instance, sexy is very subjective. It means something different to everyone. For the reason I made sure to describe my version of sexy – tighter fitting, shorter length, sparkles, lace, and cut-outs. Courtney was totally on the same page when she picked out these items!

Brixon Ivy Medina Stretch Lace Dress – $68

I wasn’t too sure about this dress when I saw it on the peek. It looked cute, but anniversary worthy? I don’t know. I wanted to love it when I took it out of the box because it was SO soft and the lace detailing was very pretty. Unfortunately for me, it runs a little big so it didn’t totally fit right. It wasn’t a horrible fit. I definitely could have made it work, but I also had another dress in almost the exact same color, so I couldn’t justify buying it for those two reasons.

19 Cooper Jazz Embroidery Detail Blouse – $58

When I looked up this shirt on Pinterest I found a lot of pictures of it in black and nothing else. I thought it looked okay, but mostly I was just a little disappointed that it wasn’t in another color as this entire box was very dark. Imagine my surprise when I pulled it out of the box and it was white! Instant love! I shouldn’t have doubted Courtney. It is a little sheer, but I’m okay with that.

Street Level Robin Cork Flap Clutch – $48

Oh. My. Gosh. This clutch is my everything. I was a little nervous when I saw it in my peek, because I couldn’t find a picture of it anywhere on Pinterest/Google and the pictures of other cork clutches I found were less than impressive looking. Holy wow was I surprised when I pulled this beauty out of the box.

Bailey44 Tallin Lace Detail Knit Top – $158

I had to laugh when I pulled this top out of the box, because when I peeked on the app I really thought from the picture that this was going to be a maternity shirt (or something). I couldn’t find any pictures of other Fixers with it on on Pinterest or Google so I was really confused. Well, I was wrong yet again. This shirt is very fitted and totally sexy. It shows off my figure and it shows off my back, which Courtney knows that I love. (On a side note: the tag on the shirt says you can wear it backwards as well, but I tried it out and I really wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re looking for the whole world to see what your ladies look like, hahaha).

Aidan Braylon Blouson Sequined Dress – $198

I wasn’t too sure about this dress based on the peek, because I didn’t think I would like how flowy it is on the top. I think my impressions on this one were right. The bottom was beautiful and totally my style, but I just wasn’t digging the top half. It’s probably actually not terrible that I didn’t like this dress, because I’d already purchased one big ticket item from this Fix.

This Fix will probably go down as one of my absolute favorites, and it’s only a 3/5. It’s a true testament to not judging your peek before you have the clothes in your hands. Not only was it fun, but it was exactly how I defined sexy and it had me looking great on my date night!


For this Fix I asked for a little black or white dress, as I think those are wardrobe staples and I don’t own one of either. I also asked for a Pixley Ellie if she happened to be able to get her hands on one. Courtney is the best!

Aidan Kourtnie Lace Dress – $248

Holy expensive little white dress. I was a little nervous to receive this because I was deathly afraid that I was going to fall in love with it. Thankfully, the material felt very stiff and the bottom of the dress was just a little too “puffed out” and wide for me to actually like. I feel like I dodged a bullet with this one, PHEW!

Daniel Rainn Deena Crochet Back Blouse – $68

I had this top on my Pinterest, so I was really excited to receive it. I was especially excited when I saw the back. So much fun!

Papermoon Kayli Lace Shoulder Knit Top – $44

This top is SO soft and comfortable and I just feel like I could live in it. I like the lace shoulder details as well, even though Matt HATED them. Good thing he doesn’t have to wear it, right?

Collective Concepts Rover Zip Back Racerback Blouse – $58

This top I was skeptical about. It came off of my Pinterest, and I like the paisley print, but it is super sheer and kind of short for my liking. Matt, however, loved this top. Since I was already keeping the other top he hated, I figured I’d meet him in the middle and keep the one that he loved too.

Pixley Ellie Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse – $48

And last, but certainly not least, my unicorn of unicorns! The Ellie! She could only find the pink one in my size, but I’m totally okay with that. I am just so in love with this blouse. I want to wear it everywhere!

This has been my first 4/5 in a REALLY long time! I am so happy with the results of these last two fixes. I’ve never been the person who gets angry when they don’t get a 5/5. I’m honestly happy if I’m in love with one item. So these Fixes have me totally over the moon. Great job Courtney!

Well this has been a fun trip down memory lane! I hope I’ve given my fellow Fixers an insight into what Stitch Fix was sending last year, and some inspiration for your Pinterests 🙂 Thanks so much for choosing to read my little blog.

Until next time!
– Tia 🙂

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