Ups And Downs. Bungalow Clothing Review #2

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Here’s how Bungalow Clothing works:
1) Head on over to their website and create an account to fill out your style profile. Remember to be super honest!
2) You’ll be contacted by your stylist (via e-mail in my case) and you’ll be able to make any special requests you want. At this time they’ll let you know when you can expect your first “dressing room.”
3) Receive your box and take 5 days to try it all on in the comfort of your own home.
4) Keep what you like and return what you don’t. You only pay for what you keep and are charged when they receive your returns. Shipping is free and if you text the number on your return slip they’ll schedule a FedEx pickup for you so you never have to leave the house.
5) Show off your new clothes! 🙂

There’s no styling or membership fees!
As an added bonus, you can peek and see all of the items you’re being sent after they have shipped (for all of my fellow peekers out there). There aren’t any pictures, but a quick Google search should give you a good idea.

Box #2

This blog post features a special guest: my clingy miniature austrailian shepherd, BMO.

Current Elliott The Stiletto With Released Hem – $228

These pants were nice. I’m not sure I’m a fan of the released hem, and ankle jeans always feel too short on me. Aside from that, I already have a pair of black jeans and these were definitely nothing special for the price.

Joie Sunflower Tunic Top – $228

$228.. $228!? For THIS!? Is this a joke? Where to start? First of all, the ONLY note I made when I returned my previous box was that I HATED boho. So why would they even consider sending me this? It’s also completely thin and sheer. There’s no way there’s even enough material here to amount to the price that they’re charging. Sorry, but just, wow.

Ella Moss Yebo Sweater Vest – $195

Uh.. what? Even BMO is confused about this pick. I don’t even really know what else to say. It’s just not for me.

Philanthropy Didi Cap Sleeve Dress – $97

I thought this was a super cute tunic. Lightweight, with a fun slit up the side. And then I realized.. it’s a dress? This shirt has no business being called a dress. You would see EVERYTHING from my bellybutton down. I mean.. what? I don’t get it.

Paige Jill Zip Ultra Skinny – $219

These jeans were nice. The zippers were cute, but at the same time they seemed really out of place. As mentioned previously, I don’t need another pair of black jeans, so this was a no brainer. I also own a few pair of Paige jeans and they felt better and were far less expensive than these (thanks Nordstrom!).

MLV Heather Top – $165

I’ve never heard of a “distressed” shirt before, and probably for good reason. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. Why would I pay for a shirt that looks like it’s been eaten by moths? Maybe this is a new trend and I’m just not “cool” enough to get it. If that’s the case, I don’t think I ever want to be this cool.

Pam & Gela Kate Tee With Lace – $135

Basically, you’re welcome. This shirt was kind of cool because of the cut out in the back, but it was WAY too low cut. Like, “hello world” too low cut. I’d have to wear a cami underneath just to feel comfortable, but wearing a cami would take away from the really cool back.

Tangerine NYC Quinn Chiffon Maxi – $100

I hate maxi’s, so that was pretty much the end of the story for this dress. I tried to humor Rio by actually putting the dress on, but even that was so difficult to do because I had to untie the entire neckline and then figure out how to put it back together. Plus, you can obviously tell this is huge on me.

Riller & Fount Koby Sleeveless Ruched Mini Dress – $198

I feel like this dress was meant to make me look sexy, but instead it just exaggerated my ironing board body type 🙁 I actually really liked the ruching, but the top of the dress was a no go. It was so loose that it made me look saggy, which is SO not sexy!

Amanda Uprichard Serena Dress – $121

(Sorry you have to see my gross sunburn. Too many hours on the Jersey Shore!) This dress was the saving grace of the box, AND it was on sale! Originally it was $202. I felt like this dress fit my body type perfectly, and it showed off my favorite feature.. my back! I loved the tie up part over the cleavage. It doesn’t show off enough to make the modest part of my uncomfortable.

Unfortunately this box was a total 180 from my previous box, which really made me believe that Rio and I had a great beginning relationship. I can only hope that the feedback I supplied is enough to get us back on track.

Until next time,
– Tia 🙂

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