Spiraling Downward. Bungalow Clothing Review #3

Fun fact: my fiancé and I met on eHarmony, and this is the profile picture I used to snag him.

Here’s how Bungalow Clothing works:
1) Head on over to their website and create an account to fill out your style profile. Remember to be super honest!
2) You’ll be contacted by your stylist (via e-mail in my case) and you’ll be able to make any special requests you want. At this time they’ll let you know when you can expect your first “dressing room.”
3) Receive your box and take 5 days to try it all on in the comfort of your own home.
4) Keep what you like and return what you don’t. You only pay for what you keep and are charged when they receive your returns. Shipping is free and if you text the number on your return slip they’ll schedule a FedEx pickup for you so you never have to leave the house.
5) Show off your new clothes! 🙂

There’s no styling or membership fees!
As an added bonus, you can peek and see all of the items you’re being sent after they have shipped (for all of my fellow peekers out there). There aren’t any pictures, but a quick Google search should give you a good idea.

Box #3

Citizens of Humanity Racer Low Rise Skinny Denim – $218

These pants were nothing special for the price. Also, I don’t think I can think of any more ways to possibly say “I don’t need any pants. Please stop sending me pants.”

Free People Without You Top – $90

..why? I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself, but this literally looks like it could be a costume piece from a Shakespeare play. Notice how short it is on my body. I’m only 5’5″. 

360 Cashmere Lily Sweater – $149.50

I probably shouldn’t be wearing a tank top under this, because it takes away from the effect the back of the “sweater” is trying to achieve. I put quotation marks around it, because it is PAPER thin. I love my back and I’m a huge fan of back detail, but I think the back of this top hangs super weirdly. And I just can’t get over the asymmetry of the sleeves.

Calypso St. Barth Vima Tee – $75

This tee feels TERRIBLE! I don’t know what it’s made out of, I really should have checked, but it’s terrible.

DL1961 Emma Power Legging – $188

I actually really love the leg details, but (again) I don’t need any pants at this time, so I didn’t spend much time thinking about them.

Jack Lelina Top – $70

Bungalow does a really good job of sending me shirts that look like dresses, or vice versa. I’m a big lover of florals, but this has grandma written all over it. It’s far too big and loose and unflattering on me. Not to mention, I can’t stand the asymmetry of the neckline. It would drive me insane!

Miller & Fount Lata Layne Deep Scoop Neck Tank – $143

This was the one and only saving grace of the entire box. I plan to wear it with a bralette underneath, because as you can see it’s pretty weighed down on the bottom due to the tassles and there’s a lot of cleavage going on. It’s going to look great with a cardi and some distressed jeans!

Chaser Long Sleeve Drape Back Crew Neck Silk Tee – $39.60

I’d like to not have to be wearing a bra to take this picture, because as I stated earlier I love open back shirts. However, this shirt is incredibly thin. The material was terrible and it was SUPER tight in the arms. And that color.. ew!

Splendid Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee – $57

Just a basic tee. Nothing special here. Especially not for $57.

Chaser Oversized Long Sleeve Pocket Crew Tee – $40

This is nice for a basic tee.. if I was looking to add a $40 basic to my wardrobe. I thought that it hung weirdly in the front. It’s just super unflattering on me.

Generation Love Brooke Waffle – $134

I wanted to love this sweater, because I own something a little similar that I like, but it’s just too big! It hangs weirdly in the front. Too bad!

Splendid Swing Dress – $138

I just bought a striped dress from my previous box, so.. I don’t really need another one? Not to mention, this looks like a maternity dress on me. Just why?

Well, this has been my third box with the company and another 1/12. I really love the idea of this subscription, and it took me two attempts to get in, so I really don’t want to give up yet. I e-mailed their customer service and requested a new stylist to which they complied. My next box will be styled by Ryley. Sorry Rio!

Until next time,
– Tia 🙂

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