The Company That Broke Up With Me. Bungalow Clothing Review #4

Fall is upon us and it is time to break out all of the cute sweaters!

Here’s how Bungalow Clothing works:
1) Head on over to their website and create an account to fill out your style profile. Remember to be super honest!
2) You’ll be contacted by your stylist (via e-mail in my case) and you’ll be able to make any special requests you want. At this time they’ll let you know when you can expect your first “dressing room.”
3) Receive your box and take 5 days to try it all on in the comfort of your own home.
4) Keep what you like and return what you don’t. You only pay for what you keep and are charged when they receive your returns. Shipping is free and if you text the number on your return slip they’ll schedule a FedEx pickup for you so you never have to leave the house.
5) Show off your new clothes! 🙂

There’s no styling or membership fees!
As an added bonus, you can peek and see all of the items you’re being sent after they have shipped (for all of my fellow peekers out there). There aren’t any pictures, but a quick Google search should give you a good idea.

Box #4

For this box I asked my new stylist, Ryley, to send me items that would look good for an engagement shoot as well as some little white dress options. I couldn’t wait to see what she was sending, but when my box arrived.. well, you’ll see.. (Hint: watch the progression of my facial expressions.)

Calypso St Barth Jordana Long Sleeve Tee – $22.50
IRO Ginny Skirt – $175.00

The long sleeve tee was very soft, but it was incredibly see-through. I’m wearing a white tank-top underneath and I just don’t think that is a flattering look. The skirt was alright, but I don’t wear skirts so it’s an easy decision from me.

Autumn Cashmere 3/4 Sleeve Cropped Jacket – $275.00

A 275.00 white jacket should not arrive with black marks all over it. I was immediately turned off when I took this out of the box. It was very form fitting and stretchy, but I hate the cropped look and the sleeves were just too short for me to consider comfortable.

MLV Eden Top – $115.50

Now this top was more my style. Unfortunately it’s October and I have no need for an expensive tank top. Especially because I hate spaghetti straps.

AG Jeans Legging Ankle – $168.00

These jeans were nice, but the fit wasn’t amazing. I have A LOT of jeans. It kind of takes a lot for a normal pair of blue jeans to impress me.

360 Sweater Giselle – $288.00

This sweater was comfy. Who doesn’t like curling up in a soft sweater during the fall? But it was really short. I prefer my outerwear to cover my butt. It was just way too basic to be so expensive.

Haute Hippie The Chain of Fools Tank – $147.50

I came super close to buying this top, because I thought that the chain detail was really cute. Unfortunately it was entirely sheer and I had to wear a cami underneath it which really detracted from the cute details.

Parker Pando Sweater – $149.00

I hate stripes. That’s all.

Joie Astor Top – $328.00

$328.00.. $328.00! For a “top” that looks like a nightgown! I mean.. what!? This is insane. I own expensive clothing items that I like and are flattering on me. So why was my new stylist making it seem like such things didn’t exist? I mean did she really think I would wear this to an engagement shoot!?

MLV Noelle Dress – $214.50

Does this dress look familiar? It should, because my previous stylist (Rio) sent it to me in my very first box.. and I returned it. It looks like a large, glittery trash bag on me. Oh, but with side boob. LOTS of side boob.

Ramy Brook Paris V-Neck Dress With Smocked Waist – $118.50

Oh, good. If you’re still with me it’s about to get EXTRA entertaining. Apparently Ryley’s idea of an engagement photo shoot is something similar to a Shakespeare play. I mean, are you kidding me? Am I wrong to be upset about this? Is this really what people consider to be high fashion? Matt said I looked like “a little peasant girl.” Great. Just what I was going for.

Ramy Brook Nicci Dress – $277.00

In case one wasn’t enough, here’s a second dress. Almost exactly the same, but in an off the shoulder style. Sorry, but still no.

Adelyn Rae Embroidered Long Sleeve Woven Romper – $55.00

I mean. No. x1,000,000,000,000,000. It doesn’t fit me right, too big. I look like a little boy. I’m really over this box.

When I returned this box I had written about my dissatisfaction in the comments with my returns. I know I’m picky, but wouldn’t you be if you were looking at possibly spending upwards of $300 on a single piece of clothing? I told them what I really felt. I had asked for form fitting clothing that wasn’t boho and they gave me large unflattering options. Apparently that information was not well received. When I went onto the website to try and see when my next box was due, none of my login information worked. Weird, because I have a Mac and it remembers all of my credentials so I knew they weren’t wrong. I e-mailed customer service and guess what, they DELETED my account! You heard right. If Bungalow Clothing doesn’t like your reviews they apparently have every right to cancel your account for you. I literally cannot believe the nerve of this company. Bungalow Clothing, I’m over you. You will not receive any referrals from me.

Until next time,
– Tia 🙂

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  1. Anonymous
    November 3, 2016 / 3:11 pm

    Wow… I can't believe they deleted your account! You didn't do anything wrong, they did! What they sent you was AWFUL, and also at a ridiculous price! If that happened to me, I would be furious… Well, they don't deserve you as a customer! Better not give them any more money…

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