Honeymoon Fix Part 2 + SF Sent Me a Wedding Gift? Stitch Fix Review #35

Four whole years since I passed my exam and became a Registered Nurse. Four years since I finished four long years of nursing school (easily equated with torture), and started working in cardiovascular med-surge. Two whole years since I started working at my dream job in the NICU. This life has presented me with many challenges, but I have and will continue to prevail.
I never would have imagined I’d be studying to take ANOTHER huge test as we speak. I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment.

But enough about me, let’s get to the stuff you actually came here for.. Stitch Fix!

Here’s how Stitch Fix works:
1) Sign up and create your own personal style profile -> Stitch Fix (this is a referral link)
2) Schedule your first shipment (how exciting!)
3) Receive and try on your clothing in the comfort of your own home, styled with pieces that you already own
4) Check out online, within 3 days. Leave detailed feedback about what you loved and what you didn’t like so much. Every bit of information helps your stylist grow
5) Mail back your returns in the provided pre-paid envelope
6) Show off your new items! 🙂


If your stylist isn’t THIS excited when you tell her all of your life’s big news, then why is she even your stylist? Just kidding (but not really). 

I had enough wiggle room before the big day to order myself a second Fix for my honeymoon. I asked for a romper or sun dress, and maybe something really nice to wear to dinner at night. Mostly I just wanted “fun in the sun”-esque clothing.

IRO Farn Halter Romper – $298

Okay, let’s just get this one over with so everyone can judge me. Courtney totally followed my note to a T. I asked for a romper, and she sent one.. for almost $300. An adorable $300 romper. Yeah. It happened. It’s not sewn from gold thread, and it doesn’t do the dishes or the laundry for me, but I love this romper. It’s stretchy and comfortable. It fits me really well and just looks really cute. I have the misfortune of looking like a small boy in most rompers I try on, so believe me when I say that this is a prize romper. Um, and it has pockets. Usually an immediate sale for me. Now before you all become completely disgusted, I will remind you that I had A LOT of credit and gift card balance left from the holiday season (since I had put my Fixes on hold). Not that I have to justify any of my purchases to anyone, but there you go.

And here I am, romping around Jamaica. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. It’s not framed on a wall somewhere. I actually brought it with me.

Urban Expressions Sylvan Messenger Crossbody – $58

Courtney found this gem on my Pinterest page and I’m so thrilled that she did. It’s a little more mauve than blush, in my opinion, but I still love it. It compliments most outfits and holds everything I need it to. My only complaint is that there aren’t any slots for cards. But that’s not a huge deal to me.

Ivy & Grey Clarisa Cold Shoulder Dress – $64

Courtney remembered my obsession with the cold shoulder look. Courtney remembers everything. This dress is comfortable with a good amount of stretch. I wasn’t sure that I’d be thrilled about how much the top hangs over, but I actually like it a lot. I also like that the straps are thicker and that the print is just perfect for Jamaica. It’s nice that this dress is so versatile. I could wear it as a casual day dress or take it to night time for one of our dinner reservations.

Fate Ruby Maxi Dress – $78

You know how there’s always that one thing that your stylist keeps sending you that you hate? That one article of clothing that you really don’t want in your boxes, ever. Well, that was maxi dresses for me. It took a long while, but eventually I was able to completely phase them out of my boxes. Until now. When I put one of my Pinterest, and apparently shocked the crap out of my stylist (it’s details like that that really convince me that I’m being listened to). I decided to give maxi dresses a try, because it just seemed like the kind of thing that you wore on a Caribbean getaway. And I chose the Fate dress because it was popular among other people and the style card picture was really pretty. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. Well, I totally love it. Fancy that. The print, the fit.. this dress is everything.

Market & Spruce Lila Crochet Trip Top – $54

How fun is this top? At first I didn’t think I was going to like it at all, because it’s so.. bright! But once I put it on I fell in love. This color would look great in Jamaica for those days spent doing anything other than laying on the beach. I love the cute floral detail and the split neck. It fits really well too, which is rare for me and blouses. The material is super soft. Even if I didn’t take this to Jamaica, I could see myself wearing it on any other normal day.

So there you have it! My second honeymoon Fix ended up being a 5/5, which is a real rarity for me and so exciting! (Especially that 25% off discount, am I right?) But it didn’t end there. As if a 5/5 wasn’t a big enough gift, when I arrived home from my honeymoon I received a second surprise.

I was a little confused when I checked my USPS dashboard and saw that SF had sent me a package. My Fixes had been “on demand” since I started planning my wedding to help and save money, and I knew for sure I didn’t have a Fix scheduled at all at this time. But whatever. I’d heard about mistakes like people receiving other people’s Fixes or on demand Fixes being sent without being ordered and I figured that was what was happening and I’d just send it back once it arrived. I’m pretty easy going. But it wasn’t a Fix that arrived on my doorstep. It was a package in an Amazon Prime box with a Texas SF address attached to it. At this point I was a little concerned. Was someone trying to scam me? People do some pretty crappy things these days. What was going on? This was so weird. But, upon opening the package I found a very sweet, handwritten note from the SF team as well as two beautiful wedding presents: a Kate Spade ring dish and a pair of Mr and Mrs toasting flutes.

 This company is truly amazing and you can’t deny that they actually care about their customers. 3 years with SF and still going strong. I love my stylist and my Fixes!

Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog! 🙂
– Tia

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  1. August 24, 2017 / 4:48 am

    Love the post! Enjoy your trip and the fact that nursing school is over 🙂
    -Dawn (RN of 25 years)

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