Trying Again for the Honeymoon! Trunk Club Review #4

“Make me look like the lead singer of Bastille,” he says.

Here’s how Trunk Club works:
1) Sign up and create your own style profile. Use my referral link —> Trunk Club. Leave your contact information and your assigned stylist will contact you to talk about your style, sizing, and spending preferences (be very honest with them!)
2) Your stylist will put together a preview for you that you can look through and reject items from. Make sure you explain to your stylist why you may have removed any items so they are able to replace them with something that you may like better
3) Try everything on in the comfort of your own home. Try styling the items using the outfit suggestions that your stylist includes in a follow up e-mail
4) Keep what you love and return everything else within a 5 day period. Don’t forget to give your stylist feedback on everything!

 Trunk #4

I don’t have great luck with Trunk Club. Out of the three previous Trunks I’ve ordered I’ve probably only kept one item from each Trunk. The clothes either don’t fit right (too big) or their just.. blah. I’m used to the fun patterns, colors and details of Stitch Fix. Trunk Club seems really basic in comparison, and I don’t need any more basic in my life. And, yet, here I am. Reviewing another Trunk. I still had referral money leftover and my honeymoon was coming up soon, so I figured what the heck. Why not? What’s the worst that could happen? I buy one item again?

For this Trunk I asked for some “fun in the sun” type clothing. I specifically mentioned that I would love to try some fun rompers and sundresses as well as cold-shoulder or open back style tops. I also asked her to send a few shorts that I could choose from. My last request was for something sexy/club-like for going out at night.

BP Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top – $45

I like this shirt. It’s totally wrinkled, straight out of the box, but I see the potential. The color is nice, and different from anything else I already have in my wardrobe. I think the ruffle and criss-cross top are really cute. And I’m a sucker for a cold-shoulder top, so she got me there.

La Blanca Geometric Cover-Up Romper – $99

I thought I would really like this based off of the picture on the app. The pattern looked so cute, and it was still pretty cute in real life. Just not on my body. Not to mention, holy big leg holes. This is one of those rompers that makes me never want to wear a romper ever again for fear of looking like a small, boy child.

Leith Lace Short – $59
J. Crew Scoop Neck Linen Tank Top – $29.50

I’m not sure why Tara chose to pair these two items together. I would never wear this outfit in public.

There was something about receiving a J. Crew top in my Trunk that really annoyed me. I mean, I could walk into any store that sells J. Crew and pick up a solid color tank. That’s not what I use Trunk Club for and I personally feel like this item was a waste of space in my trunk.

I wish these shorts weren’t so long, because they’re actually something that I might have liked. I’m a huge fan of lace, and they were comfortable. Matt liked them, but they just didn’t look right to me.

BP Open Shoulder Tee – $29

I don’t have a lot to say about this top. I thought that the stripes were kind of cool, but I was really not digging the whole one shoulder thing. Especially since they left the collar intact. That just seems silly to me, but I’m beginning to think maybe I don’t understand anything about fashion because I think pretty much every piece I got in this Trunk was pretty silly.

Leith Asymmetrical Wrap Top – $55

This top was too big for me, plain and simple. Even after tying the sides together there was a lot of extra fabric hanging around that was kind of annoying. Which is a shame, because it was really soft and comfortable and otherwise something I would have loved to have kept.

Lush Layer Textured Cold Shoulder Top – $39
Leith Ruffle Trim Floral Shorts – $55

Once again, no idea where the inspiration for this outfit came from. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it in public.

Another cold-shoulder top, but this one was more.. blah. I didn’t like how loose it was and how it just hung off of my body lifelessly. I also wasn’t a fan of the large sleeves.

I mean.. I could see why she might have thought that I would like these shorts. I am a floral kind of gal. But there’s just something about these shorts that is kind of a tie between middle school days on the playground and bingo with grandma. Neither of which I’m looking to try and pull off on my honeymoon.

ASTR Halter Lace Romper – $85

Side boob much?

I had really big hopes for this romper, but it was just too big! Especially up top.

NBD Mila Lace Romper – $228

I saved the best for last. This is probably the single most scandalous article of clothing I’ve ever been sent by any subscription service. It’s insanely cute, I’ll give it that. I love the baby blue color as well as the lace and the cute bow in the back. But holy wow this thing was just an outfit malfunction waiting to happen. Not only was it cut down to my belly (practically), but you could actually almost see my butt and I was standing up straight in these photos! I guess I’m going to need to be more specific about what MY idea of sexy is going forward, because it’s definitely more tame than Tara’s!

So Tara definitely hit the romper and cold-shoulder notes. There’s no doubt about that. And an argument could be made that she did send a few options for shorts, even if I disliked both of them. But I kind of feel like the rest of my requests were kind of shoved aside. Or, maybe it’s just because I hated this Trunk so much? I’m also pretty peeved that a lot of brands were repeated in this Trunk. That doesn’t exactly help me to branch out, in my opinion. It’s laughable, really, that once again I’ve only purchased one item. Maybe it’s time for yet another new stylist? I’m sort of at a loss, but now I STILL have referral credit hanging around that I’d really like to make use of. Ideas for a better Trunk? Should I just cancel my account?

Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog! 🙂
– Tia

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