Is The Hype Worth It? fabfitfun Summer Editor’s Box

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My husband really knows how to woo a girl.
If you’re like me, you’ve heard about this awesome subscription box called fabfitfun. It offers over $200 worth of full sized items in the categories of wellness, beauty, fashion, and fitness for only $49.99/box. That’s incredible! Also, if you’re like me, you’re too afraid to pull the trigger, because let’s be honest.. that’s still pretty expensive!
Well, don’t worry! I dove in head first and now I’m here to show you why you NEED this subscription service in your life.
Here’s how fabfitfun works:
Visit their site and sign up -> fabfitfun (this is my referral link).You can choose either a seasonal or annual membership. Either way you will receive your boxes at the same four times a year (March, June, September, and December). Perks of being an annual subscriber include being the first to be able to purchase add-ons for your box as well as being offered additional customization and choices (such as colors or phrases on items). Annual members also have the perk of earlier shipping times.
To be clear, EVERYONE eventually gets access to the add-ons. And EVERYONE gets to customize some of their seasonal boxes. Annual members just have early access and more options. Just so you know what you’re paying for 🙂
Other really neat things about this service are that they sometimes offer themed sales throughout the year that feature products made by brands that you’ll see in some of your boxes, and they will send you a “welcome box” if you sign up in-between seasons (called an Editor’s Box). For annual members this box is free, but seasonal subscribers can also buy one for the same price as a seasonal box. This is one of those boxes.
Summer 2017 Editor’s Box


I find the packaging and the boxes themselves to be super cute.


Each box comes with a magazine that details more about the service.

As well as a card that details what items you received in your box and how much they are actually worth. This box is valued at $359! Like.. what!?
It also came with a $30 “gift card” towards Hello Fresh. I’ve always wanted to try it. Maybe this is my chance? Thoughts? Opinions?
So let’s dive right in!
Add ons
Pure Cosmetics Limited Edition Buff Collection Palette – retails for $50




I purchased this palette as an add-on to my welcome box. I think it’s supposed to be a dupe for the Naked palette, I suppose, except it costs almost just as much and (in my opinion) doesn’t work nearly as well. I like that it comes with a mirror, although I’m not particularly impressed by the size of it. I thought it swatched really nicely on my arm, but there was an IMMENSE amount of fallout and it was really patchy on the lid. The brush is very soft, but it doesn’t hold onto the shadows at all. I’m thinking about trying this product with one of my other eye brushes to see if the shadow reacts differently. Until then, it’s not my fave.


Box Products
Spongellé Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer – retails for $16


This is one of my FAVORITE items from this box. This sponge is really cool because it is loaded with a body wash that lasts up to 14 uses. It also doubles as an exfoliator, and it smells absolutely amazing. I can tell you honestly that I went onto the website and bought more of these to fulfill my new and quickly growing addiction.
RealHer Playbook Eyeshadow Palette 2 – retails for $28




This is my second favorite item from this box. This palette guys.. THIS PALETTE. The colors are pigmented and swatched great on my arm. The mattes are nice, and the glitter shadows are gorgeous. In my experience I found them to be long wearing and very easy to blend. They can be used for an every day kind of look, or for something really dramatic. I just love these shadows!


This is a look I created using the palette. I went apple picking like this, because that’s how extra I am.
dr. brandt PoreDermabrasion – retails for $58
This is apparently a pretty high end exfoliator, and I make that assumption based on the price alone. This formula is said to unclog and refine pores. It uses both physical and chemical exfoliation to remove dead skin and improve your skin’s texture. Hey, for picture perfect skin I’ll try anything once. I actually really liked this product. The exfoliant is small and coarse, and not giant pieces that feel like shards of glass digging into your skin like some other products. It’s so hard to describe how it made my face feel. It was like, I had a new face. It didn’t feel greasy or give me any reaction after (which is crazy because I have very sensitive skin). It just felt like.. it worked!


Manna Kadar Lip Locked Stain in Lucky – retails for $24





This lip stain is described as being a 3-in-1 product: a primer, gloss, and stain. That’s a pretty big promise to make! It’s also supposed to double as a moisturizing treatment. Whew! I will say that it was very comfortable to wear. Not drying at all. I had to reapply after five hours, but that’s a pretty long time! I really like the color. It’s like a “your lips but better” kind of color. Totally every day wearable!
MILLY Zip Pouch – retails for $45



Do not ask me why this pouch retails for so much money. I literally have no idea. Anyway, the purpose of this large pouch is to keep your wet bikinis in so that you can change without the worry of having to place you’re wet swimsuit with your other valuables. I didn’t even know that this was a problem until now, but it must be, because someone made a product for it! It came in two different phrases and colors: “Beach Please” in blue and “Haute Mess” in purple. I got the right one for me.
bkr Little (500 mL) – retails for $35


This glass water bottle is really cute! I’m not sure when I’ll use it, because most of the time if I’m using a water bottle the activity is definitely something I don’t want to be using glass around, but I really like it. I’m thinking that maybe it will make me a more casual water drinker if I carry it around with me more frequently than I would my other water bottles. They claim it will change the way I hydrate forever. Let’s hope! It came in two colors: blue and pink. I think I much prefer the pink!
Briogeo Rosarco Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Crème – retails for $24
I’ve probably only used a blowdryer once or twice in my life, but once I read about the benefits of using this product I had to give it a try. It promises to smooth hair, enhance shine, tame frizz, and thermal protect up to 425 degrees! Normally, I don’t put things in my hair. My natural oils are a little out of control and I tend to start looking greasy after 24 hours. Putting things in my hair usually speeds up that process. I have to say though, this product made me into a believer. First of all, it smells amazing. Second, it was incredibly easy to use. Even I could not mess this up! Hair smoothed, check! Frizz tamed, check! Shine enhanced, check! This product really hit all of the marks for me. It’s probably hard to tell from a photo, but I can assure you that the volume was REAL!
Michael Stars Ruana – retails for $54


Let me clue you in to what a ruana is. It is a poncho-style outer garment typical of the Andes region of Venezuela and Colombia (copy and pasted straight from Wikipedia, friends). It’s very lightweight and can be worn in any number of ways, but I personally love it as a scarf or kimono. Seems pretty versatile! I don’t know how much use I’ll get out of it, as I’m not usually big on these items, but you can definitely tell from the fabric that it is high quality. It came in two colors: black and blue. I think I’d have preferred the black, but the blue is definitely cute!
Luv Aj Full Bloom Lariat – retails for $75
This is the highest retailing item in the entire box. Coincidentally, they also forgot to include it! Thankfully, the customer service is absolutely amazing. I emailed to let them know that it was missing and within a few days they had responded and told me that one was on its way to me. The necklace is rose gold plated and dainty. I don’t own any lariat style necklaces, so it may take a little thought to find an outfit that it works with, but I think it’s really beautiful!
So here’s how I really felt about my fabfitfun experience: it’s every bit as awesome as everyone makes it out to be. It’s like Christmas, but four times a year! I loved so many of these products, and I’d never even heard of most of these brands before. The items that I don’t like I could easily donate, or even gift. And this was just the Editor’s Box. I can’t wait to tell you all about my Fall Box!
Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time! 🙂
– Tia
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