Fall in Love. fabfitfun Fall Box (2017)

A match made in heaven.

I think, maybe, we might be crazy?

Here’s how fabfitfun works:
fabfitfun is a seasonal subscription box that offers over $200 worth of full sized items in the categories of wellness, beauty, fashion, and fitness for only $49.99/box.
Visit their site and sign up -> fabfitfun (this is my referral link). You can choose either a seasonal or annual membership. Either way you will receive your boxes at the same four times a year (March, June, September, and December).
Perks of being an annual subscriber include being the first to be able to purchase add-ons for your box as well as being offered additional customization and choices (such as colors or phrases on items). Annual members also have the perk of earlier shipping times.
To be clear, EVERYONE eventually gets access to the add-ons. And EVERYONE gets to customize some of their seasonal boxes. Annual members just have early access and more options. Just so you know what you’re paying for 🙂

Fall 2017 Box

FFF boxes are always so cute! This season they teamed up with UNICEF, an organization that works to provide health care, education, and emergency relief (among other things) to children in more than 190 countries/territories. I love FFF, not only because of their really amazing subscription box, but because they offer people the opportunity to donate to these causes.

Add ons

Lionel Handbags Patricia Backpack in Black – retails for $74

I originally bought this backpack thinking that it would make a really good substitution for the satchel that I’m already using for work. Unfortunately it was way smaller than I imagined it would be, and barely fit half of my stuff. I still love it, but for other purposes. Like a purse substitute when I’m going out at night. The golden zipper detail and the leather feel of the bag make it seem like a classier alternative to just carrying around my wallet and phone.

Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer – retails for $29

I was super excited for this moisturizer, because I specifically remember reading that it was good for oily and sensitive skin. But I HATE it! It’s incredibly thick and it feels like I’m rubbing in sunblock when I apply it. Not only that, but it stays sticky for hours leaving me feeling really uncomfortable. It leaves behind a burning sensation (less so after several uses), and makes my face really red for at least an hour after application (pictured below). I’m really disappointed with this purchase, but you win some, you lose some.

Murad Rapid Relief Acne Spot Treatment – retails for $22

Now this stuff I could buy by the bucket. It’s great for sensitive skin, as promised, and I felt like I saw a real different in my acne prone skin after just a short time of using it. I love that it went on smooth and dried quickly. No burning or tingling, but actual results in just days. I’ve tried a lot of acne fixes, from ProActive to over the counter. Murad is, by far, my favorite.

Spongelle Boxed Flower in Coconut Verbana – retails for $16

Spongelle Shimmer Collection in Pearl Blossom – retails for $20

Well, I could go on forever and ever about how much I love Spongelle products, but if you’ve read my previous blogpost then you already know how awesome I think these are. The coconut verbena smells amazing, and the pearl blossom has glitter in it which is kind of weird but I like to sparkle so I’m okay with it.

Luma Brush – retails for $59

The Luma Brush was another disappointment for me, unfortunately. I spent forever refreshing the add ons page until it appeared and grabbed it up, but in the end it just doesn’t work for my hairstyle. It did an alright job of straightening, but I have a lot of layers that like to stick out every which way they please once they’ve dried. I found that if I wanted my hair to be truly “straight” I would have to go back through with a straightening iron and force down those stubborn layers.

Box Products

Mer-Sea & Co. Scarf – retails for $98

This scarf was the big ticket item in the Fall box. I got to choose what color I wanted between blush, grey and teal. I chose the teal and I think it looks really cool. This is the softest scarf I’ve ever felt, made out of 100% polyester. It’s also probably the biggest. It’s longer than the length of my body at 93″ (that’s like.. over 7 feet!), and it’s also relatively wide. You can wear it in a million ways, but I feature my favorite ones below. Mer-Sea & Co is also partnered with water.org, a charity with a mission to make clean water available to people in developing countries. You’ve got to love an item that you can look good in and feel good wearing.

imm Living Coxet Wire Heart Ceramic Jewelry Holder – retails for $33

This jewelry holder is just TOO adorable. It’s in the shape of a heart and and is made of porcelain and rose gold wire. It features a lot of different ways to hold your most precious jewelry pieces and accessories. It’s a little on the smaller side, for someone who owns A LOT of jewelry, but it’s absolutely perfect for someone like me!

Whish Beauty Renewing Mud Mask – retails for $48

(My unpopular opinion) I’m not usually a fan of masks. Most of the time they’re slimy and wet. They leave your face feeling cold and icky. And you somehow have to leave them on your face for like, 20 – 30 minutes! But a mask that dries down matte and you only have to leave on for a max of two minutes? Now that’s something I can get into. This totally natural mask works as a chemical exfoliant for your skin. Immediately you can tell why you’re only supposed to wear this mask for two minutes. It’s just enough of a burning sensation to let you know that it’s working. It did leave my face looking a little red after I washed it off, but nothing I was surprised to see, and it left my skin feeling soft and clean. I think I found my unicorn mask!

trèStiQue Matte Color & Shiny Balm Lip Crayon – retails for $28

I really like this lip pencil. I love that it’s dual purpose, a lip color and a balm. This shade is called Florence Fig and I think it’s totally beautiful. It’s like a “my lips but better” pink color that is totally wearable for an every day look. The applicator features the lip color at the top with a magnetic cap and the balm at the bottom. Both are very comfortable to wear and relatively long-lasting with a moderate amount of transfer that isn’t over the top.

     (Balm)                                                                   (Lip color)

PRIVATE PARTY Gym Bag – retails for $59

This bag is so cute. There were three sayings to choose from: “Meet Me at the Barre”, “Gym and Juice”, and “Will Workout For Cupcakes.” Obviously I chose “Meet Me at the Barre”! Dancers for lyfe! 🙂 Anyway, this bag is very lightweight and a nice size. It features a zipper pocket on the outside and an open pocket on the inside. I won’t use it for the gym, because let’s be honest.. I’m not even sure what a gym looks like. But I think it will make for a great overnight bag, and I’ll get a lot of use out of it that way.

Deco Miami Lavender Cuticle Oil – retails for $12.50

I don’t ever think about my cuticles, which means that they’re neglected 24/7. But that being said, I guess on the list of things that I’m trying to improve it’s pretty low in priority. This oil smells amazing, but is hard to not get all over the place. If it really mattered all that much they’d have probably made a more precise applicator, but I’m assuming that it doesn’t. This wasn’t a terribly exciting item for me unfortunately.

                                 MYTAGALONGS Hot & Cold Gel Pack – retails for $15  

This hold and cold pack came in three different colors (pink, blue, and black) with three different sayings, and we didn’t get to choose which one we wanted this time around. I kind of like the black because it’s versatile, and I kind of like the saying because it reminds me of Taylor Swift’s new album (she’s really into the “snake” theme right now). Which is okay with me! I probably won’t have a whole lot of reasons to use this. Me no workey-outy 🙂

Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Cleansing Cloths – sponsored item

There are a few notable things about this product that probably should have lead me to understanding what it is used for. For example, it’s flushable. For another, it’s made by COTTONELLE! Here I am, thinking I’ve been sent the WORST makeup removing cloths in the world. You heard that right, I was using a product meant for my butt on my face. I’m a little mortified by my own stupidity, but hey.. you live and you learn, am I right?

Choice Products

dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse – retails for $35

The first of the choice items was between this ACV hair rinse and the Molr Dental Club Organic Carbon + Coconut Teeth Whitening Powder and Toothbrush. While I’m not a huge fan of hair products (if you’ve ever read my other blog posts you know all about my hair woes), I actually already own the charcoal powder and toothbrush and it didn’t make sense to me to get another set when I could try a new product instead (keep your eyes open for a review coming as soon as I get my Invisalign off). This rinse is supposed to act as a substitute for your shampoo and conditioner and is supposed to be gentle enough to cleanse your scalp without stripping it of its natural oils. It would be really cool if it worked like this for me, because while I have a dryer scalp it gets really oily REALLY fast. Unfortunately it was just a little too harsh on my scalp. It gave me insane dandruff, which I know is totally gross so I won’t speak about it any longer. It’s not that this is a bad product by any means. It just didn’t work for me!

The Jetset Diaries Cable Knit Beanie in Black – retails for $49

The last choice item was between this beanie and the B-low the belt Mia Belt. I don’t really use belts, and I don’t really use beanies, so this was a total toss up for me. I ended up choosing the beanie (obvi) and I was able to choose which color I wanted: black or pink. I went with black, because it seemed like a more universal color. It’s super soft and also much larger than I anticipated it being. The cable knit design is adorable and I really love the full head coverage.

All in all, this was such a fun box to open! Not just because it was my very first season, but because of the “Christmas” like feeling I got when it arrived on my doorstep and I got to tear it open. I probably won’t get a lot of use out of all of the items. The cuticle oil and hot and cold gel pack for example probably won’t be used at all. But there are so many items that I can’t wait to use and FREQUENTLY. Such as the gym bag, lip crayon, and mud mask. All together this bag had a value of $377.50. That’s absolute robbery! I can’t wait to see what winter brings!

Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog! 🙂
– Tia

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