Snow Globe. ipsy Bags #11

Our first Valentine’s Day together.

Matt insisted that I wear the dress I wore on our first date and then he set up a candlelit dinner for two in our kitchen. Afterwards, I was treated to a dance party in our living room complete with lights that were programmed to match the music.
Just the two of us.

I’m not joking.

Here’s how ipsy works:
ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription. Each month you recieve a themed makeup bag stuffed with five (mostly sample sized) products. I can’t emphasize enough that they are sample sized, although at least one item will be full sized. It’s a “try before you buy” type of subscription, and a generally fun way to find new things that you love (or hate). Every person’s bag is a different variation based off of the style quiz they complete upon signing up. That means you probably won’t get the same thing as your friends, which is pretty cool!
The cost is $10/month or $110 for a year.
Ready to take the plunge? Use my referral link —> ipsy

This month’s theme is: snow globe! It’s not my FAVORITE theme, but I also hate snow! I’m the Grinch, remember? 😉

Bag #11 (December 2017)

This month’s bag is a beautiful icy blue color with a silver sparkle strip at the top. It’s absolutely gorgeous and fits the theme spot on. The inside lining of the bag is a minty blue, as well as the zipper tab.

#1 – Makeup

City Color Cosmetics Shimmer Shadow in It’s a Girl

I knew that this shadow was going to be amazing quality, because I received another one in a previous bag in an emerald green color. It didn’t disappoint. It was pigmented and I didn’t experience any fallout, but I also sprayed my brush with setting spray before attempting to apply it. I’m not usually a fan of dark berry colors on my eyes (I’m ghostly pale), and I’ll admit that I was a little bummed when I saw it coming in my bag.. BUT I actually loved this shadow!

NYX Professional Makeup Slide on Pencil in Brown Perfection

Ugh.. a brown eye pencil? You’re killing me ipsy. I hate pencils, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little upset that out of all of the color options I got brown. This is a good quality pencil, that’s for sure, I just can’t imagine I’m going to get much (if any) use out of it after this blog post. In it’s defense it is waterproof and smudgeproof.. just ugly.

Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL in Black

I’m always happy to receive a mascara in my bag. I’m still looking for the unicorn mascara that will make my lashes look amazing. I found that this specific mascara really lengthened my lashes, but didn’t do much to add color or volume.

(I’m only wearing the mascara on my right eye in these photos for comparison)

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

Some people swear by this cleanser. Eh.. maybe I’ve just been trying out too many cleansers recently, but I didn’t think it was anything special. The first time I tried it out I was extremely disappointed, because it didn’t remove a lot of my waterproof makeup.. which is really the only reason I use a cleanser in the first place as opposed to just soap and water. The second time I used it I had much better luck.

Luxie Beauty Precision Shader Onyx Brush 239

I’m basically in love with this brush. It isn’t a fun color like most of the Luxie brushes I’ve received from ipsy, which is kind of a bummer, but no big deal. I used this brush to apply the City Color Cosmetics shadow directly to my lid after spraying it with setting spray and it did a great job. It’s firm, which is what you want in a shader, but it’s also relatively soft on the skin. I’m excited to incorporate this into my brush collection.

#2 – Skin and Haircare (sort of)

Smashbox Cosmetics Always on Gel Liner in Fishnet

Another pencil liner (sigh), but at least this one is in a color I’m sure I’ll use often. I thought that this liner was on par with the Urban Decay liner I received in a previous bag. It went on smoothly, like butter. It doesn’t smudge and it’s waterproof. It really makes my eyes pop and stays on my waterline all night while I’m at work.

The Coffee Scrub in Coconut

I love coffee.. and now you’re telling me that I can rub it all over my body and not be considered insane!? I can’t even properly put into words how insanely excited I was when I saw that I was receiving this coffee scrub. The scent is really strong, so I don’t recommend using before going out if that bothers you. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind smelling like coffee every day of my life. Especially with the small hint of coconut. The only issue I have with this scrub is that after you apply it (and you WILL make a mess applying it) you’re supposed to let it sit for 5 – 10 minutes before washing it off. That’s a long time to be standing in the shower, not under the water, and freezing your butt off!

MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara in Black Extreme

It’s hard to get excited about getting so many of the same types of items, but MAC is such a high end brand that it’s also hard to be disappointed. This mascara gave my lashes some serious length and lift. It also definitely made my lashes visibly darker. I’d hop right on this product if it didn’t cost $23! Maybe someday 🙂

(I’m only wearing the mascara on my left eye in these photos for comparison)

SLMISSGLAM L36 Tapered Highlight Brush

I’m so so so sad to say that this brush was a complete and utter disappointment. I love how beautiful it is. The handle is purple with sparkles throughout. It’s very soft, and should be the perfect size for highlighting.. if it actually picked up any product. I had to go back to the highlight several times with this brush to be able to build enough up on my skin for it to be noticeable. Every time I dipped, it just seemed to disappear off of the brush before it made contact with my face.

So that’s that! Not a terrible haul, but far from my best. I give bag #1 a 2 out of 5 stars. I was pleasantly surprised with the shadow and I loved the brush. I did not care for the liner or cleanser, and between the two mascaras I think I definitely prefer the MAC. I give bag #2 a 3 out of 5 stars. I really liked the liner and the mascara, and I LOVED the coffee scrub. I didn’t like the brush at all, and I received a double of the cleanser which stinks but that’s the risk you take!

Here are the two looks that I created with these bags. I know, I still really need to work on my blending technique. I’m just so impatient!


Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog! 🙂
– Tia

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