Sol Theory Box #2

Back when I used to still do my own home dye jobs.

I was approached by Sol Theory and asked to review their subscription box for them. In return they created a code for me so that if anyone who reads this blog wants to try the service themselves they can do so for 20% off their first box. The code is: TIAM07.
Sol Theory has A LOT of options to choose from, but in each box you can expect to receive at least one pair of sunglasses. They have boxes for men and women, and you can add additions like jewelry or full sized makeup items.
Here is their website -> Sol Theory, and don’t forget your discount code 🙂

Box #2
The glasses

Unsure of brand – retails for $29.99

Sol Theory has so far been very secretive about the brand of their sunglasses. I tried asking them on an Instagram post after receiving my last box, but never got a reply in return. So unfortunately, I can’t provide you with that information. These glasses did come with a $29.99 sticker attached to them though, which at least gives me an idea of what they retail for.
These glasses are definitely oversized for my little face, but I’m starting to notice that as a theme. Is that the cool thing these days? I own like, two pairs of sunglasses.. haha. I like the golden frames, and the purple-black ombre effect on the lens is really cool. Solely based on how large they are, I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be wearing them, but I’ll reserve my final judgement until I get to wear them a few times out.

The makeup
Bella Terra Cosmetics Pink Satin Cosmetics Case – retails for $12.99

This is a cute little bag. It reminds me of a pencil case. Really convenient for just throwing in your purse and going. I have a ton of bags from ipsy still lying around, so I don’t know that I’ll get much use from this.

Bella Terra Cosmetics Glitterliner in Amethyst – retails for $15.96

I found this eyeliner to be really smooth and easy to apply. The color is purple with glitter throughout (hence glitterliner). I probably won’t use it that frequently, because I dislike pencil liners a lot, but I applied it to my lids and I thought that it was decently long lasting. You can definitely see the sparkle.

Bella Terra Cosmetics Mineral Lip Gloss in Lavender Kiss – retails for $19.99

I’m not a huge fan of lip gloss, and I especially disliked this gloss. It was really sticky (my least favorite gloss property), and the color isn’t even remotely wearable. It’s a sheer lavender color, pretty close to what the actual tube looks like. It would be wearable if I was looking for a topper, or if I was any good at layering glosses, but I’m not.

Bella Terra Cosmetics Dual- Headed Shadow Brush – retails for $9.99

This is a cute travel sized brush for eye looks. The larger flat end is great for packing shadow onto the lid, and the smaller end works pretty well for applying liquid or gel liners. I found that this brush was pretty good quality and worked well for me.

Beauty Creations Cosmetics Blender – unable to find retail value online

I REALLY like this blending sponge. As you can tell from the above photos, when wet it really expands. It makes applying foundation so much easier with the flat side. I’m really happy to have this new product. You can never have enough tools. (PS – it didn’t come to me dirty. I was so excited the use it that I did so before I even took a picture of it!)

Manna Kadar Radiance Split Pan Bronzer and Highlighter Duo – retails for $21

I like Manna Kadar products. I find that they’re usually really consistent and reliable. This one was no different. This bronzer/highlighter duo is super pigmented and smooth. The bronzer has some shine in it, so I almost feel like you could wear it without the highlight and still have that glowing appearance. The highlight starts out subtle, but builds very easily. The only issue I have with this split pan is that it can be hard to pick up only one of the products at a time on the brush without accidentally getting it too concentrated. It’s very easy to overdo it with this item on accident.

  (Highlighter)                                                     (Bronzer)

I answered the door like this when the gas and electric guy came to read our meter and he didn’t even ask why I had bronzer on one side of my face and highlight on the other. It makes me wonder which of us is really the strange one..
Nah, it’s me.

My impression: this box was very heavily Bella Terra influenced. I’ve never heard of this company before, but I’m always glad to try new products and expand my knowledge. Unfortunately, the cosmetics case, pencil liner, and lip gloss will probably never be used. They just aren’t products I personally use. I am happy for the brush though, as well as the Beauty Creations Cosmetics blender. If anything I’ve come away with some neat new tools. The Manna Kadar bronzer/highlighter is also a nice addition to my makeup collection. I just have to master actually being able to use it.
Even though I didn’t end up totally loving this entire box I am still excited to see what February brings!

Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog! 🙂
– Tia

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