San Diego Take 2! Stitch Fix #41

On a chilly walk, on a windy day, we happened upon the most terrifying lawn ornaments.. and we had to document our reactions.

Here’s how Stitch Fix works:
1) Sign up and create your own personal style profile -> Stitch Fix (this is my referral link)
2) Schedule your first shipment (how exciting!)
3) Receive and try on your clothing in the comfort of your own home, styled with pieces that you already own
4) Check out online, within 3 days. Leave detailed feedback about what you loved and what you didn’t like so much. Every bit of information helps your stylist grow
5) Mail back your returns in the provided pre-paid envelope
6) Show off your new items! 🙂


For this Fix I asked Courtney to send me some spring-ish items that I could pack to take with me on my trip to San Diego in March. It’s still fairly chilly up here in NY, so I pretty much left this Fix in my stylist’s hands. Since she lives in a warmer climate I was pretty sure that she had a better idea of what was “in” right now.

Studio Blue Freya Skinny Jean – $58

Courtney said that these jeans had a frayed hem, but they actually don’t which is totally fine because I’m not so sure I would have liked that. I do love the lilac wash of these jeans, and that they fit like a glove without being uncomfortable. I usually hold out for higher end denim, because I feel like they last a little longer, but this time around these fit perfectly in my budget so it seemed like a no brainer!

LNA Lena Cold Shoulder Knit Top – $94

I really like the brand LNA, and this top lived up to my expectations. It is super soft and comfy and has the cut out shoulder detail that Courtney knows that I adore. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get over how short the shirt was in the front. I felt like it cut me at an awkward angle.

Lavender Brown Madora Racerback Silk Cami – $138

I usually HATE spaghetti strap tops, solely because they’re so hard to find bras that work for them, but I love this cami. The colors and the print are perfect for me and I feel like they work really well with my new lavender jeans.

Octavia Brooks Crossbody Bag – $58

I was hesitant at first when I saw that I was receiving this bag, because when I originally asked for a bag for this vacation I was hoping for something big for the plane like a satchel. In person, this bag is much bigger than I thought it would be. Maybe it doesn’t work as my carryon, but it will be perfect for holding all of my things while I’m romping around San Diego! Not to mention, this color compliments my outfit perfectly!

Verse Darcie Knit Dress – $48


This is the only item that I automatically knew was a no for me. It just doesn’t fit. It’s a little on the loose side, but apart from that the elastic waist doesn’t suit my body type. This dress would be perfect for someone with a longer torso, but for a shorty like me it just looks odd.

This Fix was so much fun! I got a complete outfit out of it, which is exactly what I asked for. I have another Fix before my flight, so I’m going to try and squeeze in another San Diego request. Hopefully it’s another winner! 🙂

And here’s the final outfit that I chose for my visit to San Diego! I love it!

Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog! 🙂
– Tia

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