Earfleek #5

“Pedal to the metal, mom. Let’s go!”

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They changed up their packaging again this month!
How does Earfleek work?

Type of subscription: jewelry
Frequency: monthly
Amount of products received: one set of earrings
Cost: $3.50/mo

Earfleek is the cutest little subscription service. There are three styles to choose from: Minimalist, Silly and Fun, and Boho. Or you can opt for “I don’t give a hoot” and get a fun mixture of all of the categories! All earrings are nickel free and made from mixes of sterling silver, copper, plastic, titanium, or platinum.
For my subscription I chose the Minimalist option, because I only recently got my ears pierced so I’m still trying to build up my basics.
Start your subscription here —> Earfleek (not a referral link).

I pay for this subscription.

Set #4

They changed their insert back to the old one, and this time I had a new stylist. At least, I think I do. They stopped signing the inserts when they changed them, so I’m no really sure!

No freebies this month, but some super cute earrings!

How adorable are these studs? Just when I was hoping that they’d send me something easier to wear from day to day I received these beauties. They’re lightweight and not too small and not too large. I think they’re just gorgeous! They’re also a simple, cheap alternative to something very similar but much more expensive.

Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog! 🙂
– Tia

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