Ricky’s Cult Crushes. “Prep Steps.” June 2018

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Mommy’s little helper.

(Disclaimer: this blog may contain referral/affiliate links that would benefit me if you clicked on them.)

How does Ricky’s Cult Crushes work?

Type of subscription: beauty
Frequency: monthly
Product size: a mixture of sample and full size
Amount of products received: varies
Cost: $15/month + free shipping

Each month you recieve a themed box of products that are beauty related. Some boxes will include variations for products or shades. As a subscriber, you also get 25% off all online purchases and free shipping on purchases of $50 or more at the Cult Crushes shop.

Sign up for your first box here! —> Ricky’s Cult Crushes
(At the time of publishing this blog post Ricky’s Cult Crushes is no longer operating a subscription service.)

I pay for this subscription.

June 2018

This month’s theme is “Prep Steps.” The back of the information card details the products you receive.

Avatāra Even Out and Shape Up Masks – retail $3/piece

I’m not a huge fan of sheet masks. They’re wet, sticky, and cold.. pretty much all of the things that I actively try to avoid. I won’t use these, but I’m sure they’ll make someone else very happy. The first is for uneven skin. The packaging doesn’t describe the scent, but it does have pictures of flowers on it which leads me to believe that it’s probably floral-like. The second is for sensitive skin and features pictures of oranges, so I would assume it has a citrus scent. Both are made of tencel fiber and are paraben, silicone, and mineral oil free, requiring a 20 minute sit time before removing.

Iroha Nature Extra Firmness Foil Sheet Eye Patches – retail ~$3.50

Now this is a product that I can get excited about. As a nightshift worker, I’m constantly battling under eye bags and darkness. Not to mention, something about using a skincare product that is gold seems incredibly luxurious. You just pop these babies on for 15 minutes and then massage in the remaining serum after removing them. They stayed in place the entire time for me, and left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I also noticed an actual difference in my under eye area!

Murad Acne Clarifying Cleanser – retail $30 (or $9 at Ulta)

I love Murad products, and even though I’m 27 I still have issues with breakouts. This cleanser is a clear gel that gives my face a feeling that I can only describe as refreshing when I massage it into my face. It does have oil in it, so I have to be careful that I don’t get any on my eyelash extensions (I live my life on the edge). This product contains 1.5% salicylic acid, but it’s thankfully not too harsh on my sensitive skin. I can easily see myself using this product daily until it’s empty.

Gülsha Ultimate Rosewater – retail $20

Just when I was running out of toner, Ricky’s saves the day. As you might expect from the name, this toner has a very rosey scent. It left my face feeling fresh and clean, the perfect canvas for my serum or moisturizer. The information card says that this product is a spray, but it’s actually not. It’s easily applied with a cotton ball or pad though. I really like it!

Brock Beauty Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins – retail $12.50

I’m kind of a vitamin snob. I’m also probably one of few people who received this product that can accurately review them, because I used to actually take these vitamins in the past. I’m not mad that I received this in my box. While it’s not makeup or skincare, it does fall under the categories of haircare and wellness. Plus it’s nice to break up the monotony that can exist in these types of subscription boxes sometimes. Ricky’s gave us a trial sized bottle that lasts a week. Not enough for a normal person to see any sort of progress, but I’d taken these vitamins for a few months. Before my wedding I was trying everything in the book to grow out my hair. I think I was looking for a miracle drug, and maybe that’s why I was initially disappointed with these vitamins. In hindsight, I do feel like my hair was thicker with more shine to it. It definitely FELT healthier to me, but I don’t feel like it made my hair grow any quicker. Does that make sense?

Suva Beauty Shimmer Eyeshadow in Gastown Grind – retail $11

This is the only makeup item in this month’s box. The pan for this eyeshadow is huge, and it’s magnetic for all of you z-pallete owners. I received the shade Gastown Grind, which is a beautiful, shimmery copper. The pigment in this shadow is great and I found that it was long lasting without fading or smearing. Unfortunately for me, I already have two other eyeshadows that are pretty much this exact same color from ipsy. Which isn’t any fault of Ricky’s. They actually sent a few different shades this month, and I was just unlucky enough to receive one that I already have. I now know about a great brand that was new to me though, so that’s worth more in my opinion.

I am loving this skincare centered box! This month I received 7 items. The eye patches and vitamins were a unique touch, and I really needed toner. I’m happy to try any Murad product, and I now have a new makeup brand to check out (Suva). The only misses for me were the sheet masks, but I know many other women who would be grateful to have them.

Thanks for reading!


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