Influenster Staycation VoxBox Review. September 2018

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(The items received in this post were complimentary from the brands and Influenster in return for my honest review. This blog post may contain referral/affiliate links that would benefit me if you clicked on them.)

I’m so excited to share my first Influenster VoxBox review with you guys!

You’ve never heard of Influenster? Let me fill you in!
Influenster is a community of people who like to try products and then review them. These products could be anything from makeup and skincare, to laundry detergent and dog food. Influenster has a ton of categories available for reviewing. For that reason, they’ve become a trusted spot for people who are considering buying items to search for honest reviews before dropping the money.
When you sign up with Influenster you connect your social accounts which gives you an impact score. Try not to obsess over this too much. Mine was only around 110 when I received my first VoxBox. After you’ve connected all of your social accounts you’ll tell Influenster a little bit about your interests and from there they will recommend some “snaps” for you. These snaps are really small surveys that Influenster uses to narrow down your preferences and likes when it comes to the products that you use. I had answered 12 snaps (LEISURELY) when I received my first VoxBox.
Eventually, Influenster will send you your very own VoxBox. These boxes are full of often times full size products (although mine were all travel size) with the expectation that you will post reviews on said items to your various social media accounts. Some examples of VoxBoxes that have been sent out in the past are: Kat Von D, L’Oréal, Sour Patch, and Hellman’s. So as you can see there is quite a bit of variety!
The minimal requirements for receiving a VoxBox are: a profile on Influenster, a connected Instagram account, and time. While you don’t have to fill out a million snaps to be sent a box, it doesn’t hurt to do one or two now and then. Once you receive your first box to review you’re more likely to receive others in the future.
Good luck!

This was the cutest little package to find in my mailbox. I love the print on the sides.

My box came with a cute card that details the items on the back and their prices.

I was sent five items in my box. These ranged from haircare to basic hygienic and nail items. It was quite the exciting assortment! So let’s dive right in!

imPRESS Press-On Manicure in Boss Lady – $7.99 value

I haven’t gotten my nails done in almost a year, because last year I had so many wedding events to attend (including my own) and my nails are basically wrecked from all of the gel manicures that I got. Wearing these press-on nails gave me LIFE. These nails are short length and square shaped, with the majority of them being a navy color with glittery accent nails. The package they come in provides a prep pad and nail file so it’s pretty all inclusive. I found that they were super easy to apply and they lasted. It was as easy as prep, pick out the right size nail, peel off the sticker, and press. Viola! It was at least three days before I even felt one of them start to budge. Removing them was just as easy, and it didn’t ruin any of my actual nails. Their website has a ton of different sets with variations in colors and patterns. I kind of want to own them all!

Crest Gum & Enamel Repair Toothpaste – $6.99 value

This toothpaste is especially for gum and enamel repair, as well as fighting gingivitis. I usually use a Colgate toothpaste, but I took a break from my daily routine to try out this Crest product. It’s thinner than I’m used to, and doesn’t really foam up like other toothpastes I’ve tried. Which could be good depending on your preference. It has a very mild mint taste that I appreciate, because some other Crest products can be overpowering. If you’re interested in trying this toothpaste yourself for $2 off of the regular price you should check it out here.

Completely Bare Completely Smooth Moisturizing No-Bump Shave Gel – $4.99 value

I don’t use shaving gel normally, because I use an Intuition razor, but this is a nice product to have for when I’m traveling with those disposable pink razors that otherwise offer zero protection against knicks and burns. I thought that this product worked really well. No bumps or knicks as promised, and it smelled really nice too. My legs also felt really soft. This is a product I would have easily overlooked before. It’s nice to be able to try things that are outside of the box.

EVA NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer – $6 value

This product is magical. I don’t put a lot of stuff in my hair, because I just let it do it’s own thing, so I wasn’t putting much stock in this primer from the get go. But I love it. This product is a true 10-in-1 offering these ten improvements: detangle, reduces frizz, strengthens, softens, cuts drying time, adds shine, nourishes, smooths, and protects against thermal and UV damage. My hair can get pretty oily, so naturally I was a little nervous to add more oil to the mix, but this spray is super fine and lightweight. I could barely tell there was anything in my hair, and the only reason that I could was because it smelt so amazing. I’ve been using this product every day since I received it (unless I’m reviewing another product), and I plan to order more once I run out.

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Bamboo Charcoal Gelee Moisturizer – $10.99 value (for 2 oz)

The name of this moisturizer is quite a mouthful, but that aside I really like it! First, it doesn’t have oil in it so I can actually use it. Hallelujah! The black soap and charcoal in it makes it actually black straight out of the packet, which is really cool. It applies and dries down clear and there is a burning sensation for a few moments after use, which is okay with me because for some reason that makes me feel like it’s actually working, haha. It’s made for blemish-prone skin which makes me its target audience. When it dries down it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling behind or give my face a shiny look to it, and those are both bonuses in my book.


My impression of the box items: this box was a lot of fun to review! Everything in this box was something that I use in my every day routine, and if not was still a totally useable item. I found two items that I really loved (the nails and the hair primer) and one item that I can’t wait to try more of  (the moisturizer). The other two items (toothpaste and shaving gel) I was happy to try, even though I don’t plan on incorporating them into my daily use.

My impression of reviewing on Influenster: not as amazing. I was roadblocked several times with pop-ups and errors while trying to review these items and earn my badges (the more badges you have, the more likely brands want to work with you). I had to contact customer care on three different occasions, which was annoying, but they did resolve the issues quickly. Other than that, as long as I posted with the appropriate hashtag everything went smoothly.

Thanks for reading!


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