FabFitFun Style Box #4. July 2018

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(Disclaimer: this blog may contain referral/affiliate links that would benefit me if you clicked on them.)

How does the FabFitFun Style Box work?
Type of subscription: clothing
Frequency: you schedule your next box after every return
Amount of products received: at least 5
Cost: $20 per box (which is credited towards any items you buy) and free shipping + the cost of whatever items you decide to keep
In March I received an email from the FabFitFun style team offering me the chance to try their style box. They claim that it’s an “exclusive” offer, but I kind of have the feeling that anyone could enroll if they wanted to. FabFitFun has no idea that I am a blogger, and I do not believe that their decision to ask me to participate in this beta program was influenced by that fact.
If you’ve ever heard of Stitch Fix or Trunk Club, this service is very similar. Upon signing up you’ll fill out a personal style profile. You’ll then receive a follow up email, asking if you want to show them a few of your favorite outfits or a Pinterest clothing board if you have one. You’ll receive five items in the mail to try on in the comfort of your own home. Keep what you like, and return what you don’t. They provide you with a pre-paid return envelope. You have three days to decide. You’ll receive an email with your checkout link. Submit your purchase, and drop your returns off at FedEx. If you keep all of the items you’ll receive 25% off of your entire purchase!
It’s that easy!
I pay for this subscription.
Box #4
For this box I emailed my stylist again beforehand. It seemed to work really well for my previous box, so I figured that I had nothing to lose. This was my fourth box, and I’d only kept one item from every box out of the previous three. So, basically, this is the box that was going to make or break whether I continued this subscription or not. Normally I only give a box three chances, but after seeing that my stylist was really trying to please me with my last box I decided to try one more time.
For this box I had a completely different stylist named Marissa. This made me a little nervous, because I thought that Kendra and I were just starting to break ground and I didn’t want to have to start all over again with someone new. Oddly enough, she puts in her note, “it was a pleasure to style you again.” This is peculiar to me, because every other note was signed by Kendra! So who has been styling me this whole time? Kendra or Marissa? Maybe I’ll ask in my next email so I can get to the bottom of this.
Camden Shirt Dress – $59
I’ve always wanted to try a shirt dress, so this was an exciting surprise. The dress has buttons down the entire front, and then wraps around the sides and ties. I especially appreciate the wrapping part, because without it this dress would look bulky and strange on my small frame. While the fabric is a little stiff I think that it will be more comfortable after washing.
Sleeveless Floral Jumper – $52
I love rompers, but I always have a terrible time finding ones that I like because they tend to make me look like a little boy. I like this romper specifically, because it’s very feminine and has a dark floral pattern. It gives me total Taylor Swift vibes.
Polka Dot Floral Mini Dress – $59
Speaking of dark florals.. I’m not a fan of mixing patterns on myself, so the pattern of this dress is kind of a turn off for me (it looks like the polka dots and the flowers are feuding for my attention). While this dress is an XS it doesn’t flatter my figure at all. It almost feels like it’s missing some sort of tie-waist feature. Instead it just hangs lifelessly from my body.
Canyon Top – $48
I’m really not a huge fan of the boho style, but I thought that if this top fit right then I might possibly like it. It has a silky inner liner, making it comfortable to wear, and tapers in a little bit at the waist. Unfortunately, not enough for me to love it. It’s still a little too wide on me, even with the taper. I’m really trying to step away from oversized blouses.
Embroidered Chambray Short – $38
Speaking of boho.. I actually kind of like these shorts. They fit well, and they feel comfortable. The embroidered pattern is cute, but I couldn’t think of a single shirt in my wardrobe that I could wear with them. Maybe if I had liked the Canyon Top enough to keep it the two would make a great outfit, but I can’t take the risk that if I bought these shorts they might be sitting in my dresser, unworn, for a very long time.
The verdict: 2/5
Well, I kept one more item this box than I have in the past three. So that’s progress. Despite having a new stylist (or did I..?) I felt like my requests had been listened to. I feel confidently like I could continue this subscription as long as it continues to get better in this way. I don’t need to love every single item in a box to be happy. I just need to feel like the person styling me gets me.
Thanks for reading!

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