FabFitFun Style Box. My last box. October 2018

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Just hanging out with my new friends.

(Disclaimer: this blog may contain referral/affiliate links that would benefit me if you clicked on them.)

How does the FabFitFun Style Box work?
Type of subscription: clothing
Frequency: you schedule your next box after every return
Amount of products received: at least 5
Cost: $20 per box (which is credited towards any items you buy) and free shipping + the cost of whatever items you decide to keep

In March I received an email from the FabFitFun style team offering me the chance to try their style box. They claim that it’s an “exclusive” offer, but I kind of have the feeling that anyone could enroll if they wanted to. FabFitFun has no idea that I am a blogger, and I do not believe that their decision to ask me to participate in this beta program was influenced by it.

If you’ve ever heard of Stitch Fix or Trunk Club, this service is very similar. Upon signing up you’ll fill out a personal style profile. You’ll then receive a follow up email, asking if you want to show them a few of your favorite outfits or a Pinterest clothing board if you have one. You’ll receive five items in the mail to try on in the comfort of your own home. Keep what you like, and return what you don’t. They provide you with a pre-paid return envelope. You have three days to decide and you’ll receive an email with your checkout link. Submit your purchase, and drop your returns off at FedEx. If you keep all of the items you’ll receive 25% off of your entire purchase!

It’s that easy!

I pay for this subscription. At the time of this blog post this is my final FabFitFun Style Box.

Box #6

I knew in my head after my previous box that this would probably be my last month with FabFitFun Style. I’d only kept six items from the last five boxes, and it didn’t really seem to be working out in my favor to continue. Part of me was really hoping that Marissa would surprise me and come back with an amazing box, but another part of me tried not to get my hopes up. When I saw the price sheet with the pictures of the items I went back and forth on initial reactions. I thought, “I don’t think I like that at all” or “that’s definitely not my style,” and then I thought “maybe I’ll be surprised. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Well.. you’ll see.

Marissa’s note hit all the right marks for me. She described every item as “cool” and “versatile,” which made me laugh a little bit, but it did peak my interest more in the items that she sent as well as give me ideas on items to pair them with.

Sleeveless Crew Neck Rib Midi Dress – $68

Let’s just say that I had no idea how many lumps and bumps I actually had on my body until I tried on this dress. WOOF! This is definitely an item of clothing that you need to wear shape wear underneath if you want it to look even remotely flattering. I noticed that it showed every single line from my bra and underwear. I don’t own any shape wear, because I never imagined that I would need it. Which might sound ignorant, so I’m sorry if it comes off that way. I really liked the style of this dress, it looked like it would have been great for a date night or formal party. I just don’t own all of the pieces to make it work.

Hadley Moto Jacket – $89

Oh boy. Where to start. I love moto jackets. Don’t get me wrong. I have an abundance of them in every different color. I don’t so much love embroidery. I know that it’s a trend that is huge right now, but I just haven’t been able to get into it. I haven’t seen a pattern yet that I like enough to wear. Embroidery aside, this jacket has a lot of other stuff going on as well including zippers and studs. It was a size too small, so you can tell that it doesn’t fit in the photos.

Floral Blossom Dress – $64

Hmm.. I think this one is just flat out not my style. I don’t hate the color or the pattern, but I don’t understand the structured black lines that are going through the dress. They feel so awkward and they really cut the body in an unflattering way. I feel like they accentuate my stomach, which shouldn’t be a problem for someone as petite as myself, but.. it really is for some reason. I feel like it’s a focal point. Like, “hey check out this food baby.” I’m also not a huge fan of the puffy sleeves, but for some reason that is less offensive to me, haha.

Kut From The Kloth Connie Ankle Skinny – $89

I really liked the style of these jeans. They were distressed, which I love, and the frayed hem was an interesting touch that I haven’t been able to try myself yet. The only thing that I couldn’t get past was the fit. They were SUPER skinny, which I was definitely into when I was in high school, but now that I’m in my late-20’s (oh my god, I just used the term “late” for the first time) I’m more interested in the comfort of a straight leg fit. Still really cool though. If I ever come across these pants in another fit I’ll be all over them.

Hey-Ya Faux Fur Puffer Vest – $72

I wanted to LOVE this vest. First, because I don’t own one. Second, because it was adorable! Unfortunately, it didn’t translate as quite so adorable once I put it on my body. Even though there was a cinch waist, it didn’t exactly look very flattering on me. I felt like it made my hips look super wide. I went back and forth about it for a while, moving it to and from my keep pile to my return pile, but in the end I decided that if I was going to pay $72 for a vest then I should probably love it. Right?

The verdict: 0/5. I’m sad about this, because I really liked the style of at least three of these pieces. Due to fit issues, mostly, I couldn’t keep them. Unfortunately, I can’t keep receiving boxes based on the idea that SOME DAY I might receive a miracle box where I want to keep more than one item. That’s why I usually have a three box rule.. which I broke specifically for FabFitFun Style, because I really wanted it to work out. I’ll check back on this subscription when they’re out of their beta period and try again. Fingers crossed that I just need a break.

Thanks for reading!


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