ipsy Glam Bag Plus. December 2018

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How is time going by so quickly!?

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How does the Glam Bag Plus work?
Type of subscription: beauty
Frequency: monthly
Product size: full!
Amount of products received: 5, always
Cost: $25/month

If you’re familiar with how ipsy works, then you’ll catch on pretty quick to the Glam Bag Plus. Each month you will receive a box of 5 full sized items. Every three months you will receive a makeup bag in your box as well. This is different from a regular ipsy subscription where the items are sample sizes and you receive a themed makeup bag every single month. Because all of the products in the Glam Bag Plus are full sized there are fewer variations than there are with it’s counterpart. That being said, they still try to take your beauty profile into consideration. It’s entirely possible though, that you could receive the same variation as one of your friends.

At the time of writing this blog post the Glam Bag Plus subscription is invite only. If after reading you decide that you would like the subscription then I would advise you to email ipsy customer service and ask to be placed on the waitlist. The only requirement for receiving the Glam Bag Plus is an already active ipsy subscription. You can create one here: ipsy.

I pay for this subscription.

Instead of just having a card with the product information on it the Glam Bag Plus comes with a fold out brochure. This brochure shows you all of the items that you received and how you can use them all.

I didn’t think that my next bag was coming until January, so I was really surprised to receive this in my box! Like the regular subscription, this bag is covered in sequins. The main difference being that these are blue and you’re able to reverse them so that they’re silver. Fun! The inner lining is the same color blue.

It’s important to note that after December ipsy will no longer be sending bags in the Glam Bag Plus boxes.

F.A.R.A.H Gold Face Brush Trio – retail $34

Like my previous box, I received another brush trio. However, this time it was a face trio as opposed to eyes. And this time it was a brand that I hadn’t had prior experience with. Not only are these brushes gorgeous, but they work like a charm. The brushes included in this trio were: 50F (powder brush), 40F (stippler brush – great for applying blush), and 30F (angled contour brush). I love that they have little indents on their handles, indicating how you should hold them. The bristles are 100% vegan and super soft. I’m thinking that this finish must be an ipsy exclusive, because the ones I found on their website includes the same brushes but the handles are completely different.

Lancôme Le Monochromatique in “Haute Couture” – retail $25 (you can get 4% cash back by using Ebates on this site)

This item is a triple threat! It’s great for adding a pop of color to your cheeks, eyes, or lips. I feel like this shade is a little too dark to be used as a blush, but it would make an excellent highlight. Haute Couture is described as a pinky mauve, and it’s almost too beautiful to actually use. The texture is super creamy, and it’s fragrance free and packed with Vitamin E so it’s actually GOOD for your skin.

Smith and Cult Book of Eyes Palette in “Interlewd” – retail $44

I love that every box so far has contained some sort of palette. I’m not sure if the colors in this palette really compliment me, or if I’m just super uncomfortable wearing purples because I don’t reach for them often. Fun fact: your palette isn’t defective! Although it may drive some of us a little crazy, Smith and Cult made your shadows off center purposely. Also, that dent in your gorgeous silver compact? They did that on purpose as well! It’s supposed to signify that there is beauty in your imperfections, which is an amazing message to send. Even if I don’t end up using these shadows, I can appreciate their thought process.

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in “Jealous” – retail $32 (you can get 3% cash back by using Ebates on this site)

I’m so happy to have received a lipstick in my box this month! The packaging of this product is so high end looking. I love the magnetic closure. The lipstick shade is a bright red tinted pink. It actually makes my lips look fuller when I’m wearing it, which I love! It was super long wearing, and not at all uncomfortable thanks to its time-release moisture complex which kept my lips feeling hydrated the entire time I wore it. I would 100% buy several other colors of this lipstick!

111SKIN Vitamin C Brightening Booster – retail $180

Holy moly you guys! This might be the single highest valued item that I’ve EVER received in a subscription box. I love skincare items in general, but when I found out how much this one was worth I was over the moon. I already knew that I liked the brand 111SKIN, because I received one of their eye gels in a separate subscription and I loved it. This serum is meant to brighten and hydrate skin, which is greatly appreciated in the harsh winters of NY. I really like that it’s oil free, so it absorbs into my skin without leaving any yucky feeling behind.

The verdict: this box was okay. It’s definitely not my favorite of the boxes that I’ve received so far. I like the brush trio, serum, and lipstick the most. I’ll definitely get a lot of use out of these items. I enjoy that they sent another palette, but the colors in it aren’t something that I imagine I’ll be reaching for. The blush product is a little intimidating to me, due to how dark it is. But who knows. Maybe I’ll love it! I’m also a fan of the bag this month, but super sad that this is the last one I’ll be receiving! I can’t wait to see what next month brings!

Thanks for reading!


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