Trunk Club. December 2018

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How does Trunk Club work?
Type of subscription: clothing
Frequency: you can choose the frequency of your reoccurring boxes (monthly, bi-monthly, or seasonly) or you can order them on demand
Amount of products received: usually differs, but I’ve received from 9 – 15 pieces
Cost: $25 per box (which is credited towards any items you buy) + the cost of whatever items you decide to keep. Shipping either way is free (unless you’re from Alaska/Hawaii)! It’s important to note that Trunk Club is a Nordstrom affiliated company. That being said, they generally send more expensive items. While you can choose your price range and request lower cost items from your stylist it’s important to be aware that a single item’s price point may fall in the $75 – $300 range.

Your $25 styling fee is waved if you use your Nordstrom Card to order. Also good to know, Trunk Club will price match any of your items if they go on sale at Nordstrom within 2 weeks of your purchase.

Sign up and create your own personal style profile at Trunk Club. This service is unique in the way that they send you a preview of your shipment and allow you to reject certain items for your stylist to replace later. Next you’ll receive and try on your clothing in the comfort of your own home, styled with pieces that you already own. You have 5 days to decide what you would like to keep. Leave detailed feedback about what you loved and what you didn’t like so much at your online checkout link (you’ll find it in your email once your Trunk has been delivered). Every bit of information helps your stylist grow. Mail back your returns in the Trunk that they arrived in. All that’s left if to show off your new items!

Ready to try for yourself? Love what my stylist sent me? Chat her up!: Trunk Club

I pay for this subscription.

Trunk Club definitely wins points for presentation. The Trunk that your items are delivered in is just too cool looking.

It has been a WHILE since I’ve ordered a Trunk. I’m talking July 2017 sort of while. I decided to order a Trunk, because 1) I had a credit on my account and 2) I’m going on my very first cruise in February and I desperately need some cruise-wear. I really liked this service specifically because you can chat with your stylist via an IM feature. This is how I learned that while I was on break, I lost my original stylist (as well as the one that picked me up after her). Eh, that’s okay. We obviously hadn’t been vibing much to begin with. My new stylist’s name is Alexandria.

This Trunk had a good variety of price points from the lowest to $49 to the highest at $110.60 (which was actually discounted 30% from it’s original price of $158!). If you’ve ever read one of my reviews before, or know me at all, then you immediately know which of these items I just HAD to have. At first glance, all of these items look great for a cruise! I was happy to not have any immediate criticisms.

On to the clothing!

1.STATE Cold Shoulder Top in “Light Heather Grey” – $49
Caslon Rolled Denim Boyfriend Shorts in “Medium Destruct” – $58

If this top has taught me anything, it’s to be careful what I wish for. There were a lot of very blouse-like tops in my preview that I rejected. I’m really trying to wear tops that flatter my body shape more, and an expensive blouse doesn’t exactly seem like cruise wear to me. Anyway, I told Alexandria that I would prefer more fitted tops. And that’s exactly what she sent me. This top is so tight! I’m really into the cold shoulder detail, but I can’t get past the fit. That’s my bad.

The shorts were a whole different story. If the top was way too tight, the shorts were way too big. I look like something straight out of a Weight Watchers commercial. That’s not meant as an insult, of course, but you know what I’m talking about. I liked the rolled bottoms, and I’m also a fan of the wash, but I couldn’t get past the fit. These shorts run big, so Alexandria sized down for me, but unfortunately they were still too large.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Lena Block Heel Sandal in “Luggage” – $74.95 (25.01% – weird, off from $99.95)

These sandals, while feeling very much like cruise wear, also reminded me a lot of the sandals that my grandmother might wear. And that’s not an insult. My grandmother is very stylish and often picks out outfits to send me. I guess when I asked for sandals I was looking for something a little less dressy. While these are adorable, I plan on either lazing on the beach or going on excursions, and I can’t imagine these would be comfortable in either situation.

AFRM Lexie Knot Detail Top in “Noir Grande Floral” – $78

So many questions immediately come to mind. Why the collar? Why the shirt tail? Why the long sleeves? This shirt is a conundrum to me. Questions aside, I think it’s pretty cute and would have been nice to wear poolside. I really like the floral pattern. It definitely gives me cruise feels. And I like that it’s a crop top. I plan on letting my belly see the sun this February. The only thing that isn’t totally do-able about this top is the fabric. It’s really stiff, and getting this top on is really hard. Getting it off is almost impossible without help. I really thought that I was going to rip it, and at $78 that isn’t something I want to be concerned about when I should be relaxing.

Caslon Linen Shorts in “Olive” – $49

Linen shorts. Not my jam. I love the color, but I’m way more of an “any other type of material shorts” kind of girl. That’s really it. My only complaint. I just don’t like the material.

REFORMATION Island Linen Romper in “Marbella” – $110.60 (30% off of $158)

I put this romper on and instantly felt so adorable. I usually have a really hard time with rompers, because they tend to make me look like a little boy when I put them on. But I’m so in love with this one! The colors and the stripe pattern work so well together. I can totally imagine myself “romping” around the Caribbean in this cute little number. It WOULD be the most expensive item in my Trunk, haha.

REFORMATION Hampton Ruffle Bodysuit in “Hollywood Stripe” – $78
Topshop Horn Button Denim Miniskirt in “Black” – $55

This outfit is kind of blowing my mind and changing entirely how I feel about miniskirts. I’ve definitely passed on other skirts recently, because they weren’t anything that I ever saw myself wearing. But for some reason, seeing this skirt paired with a bodysuit is totally changing my opinion. I kind of love this look!

The bodysuit on the other hand. I don’t know. I don’t hate the fit or the pattern, but something about the ruffles.. yeah. I don’t know. Is it wrong to keep only the miniskirt in hopes that I’ll some day find another bodysuit to wear it with? Because I totally did that.

Leith Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress in “Charcoal” – $56

Next to the romper I think this might be my favorite item in my Trunk! I love the silhouette and how it fits my body. The ruching is great and I really like the charcoal color. The problem is, I like it so much that I already own a similar dress. Right down to the color and ruching. I guess I don’t need two, but dang I felt great trying it on!

The verdict: 2/9. Because Trunks are so expensive and you don’t get a deal if you buy it all, I don’t feel pressured to keep a ton of the items that I’m sent. It’s honestly the best excuse to be the super picky person that I am. That being said, two items is the most that I’ve kept from any Trunk I’ve ever ordered. I had a lot of fit issues and a lot of issues with materials. I don’t know that I’ll order another Trunk before my cruise, now that my credit is gone, but maybe I’ll continue this trend of sparsely ordering now and then as the years go by.

Thanks for reading!


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