Influenster. Maybelline VoxBox Review. January 2019

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You’ve never heard of Influenster? Let me fill you in!
Influenster is a community of people who like to try products and then review them. These products could be anything from makeup and skincare, to laundry detergent and dog food. Influenster has a ton of categories available for reviewing. For that reason, they’ve become a trusted spot for people who are considering buying items to search for honest reviews before dropping their hard earned money.
When you sign up with Influenster you connect your social accounts which gives you an impact score. Try not to obsess over this too much. Mine was only around 110 when I received my first VoxBox. After you’ve connected all of your social accounts you’ll tell Influenster a little bit about your interests and from there they will recommend some “snaps” for you. These snaps are really small surveys that Influenster uses to narrow down your preferences and likes when it comes to the products that you use. I had answered 12 snaps (LEISURELY) when I received my first VoxBox.
Eventually, Influenster will send you your very own VoxBox. These boxes are full of often times full size products with the expectation that you will post reviews on said items to your various social media accounts. Some examples of VoxBoxes that have been sent out in the past are: Kat Von D, L’Oréal, Sour Patch, and Hellman’s. So as you can see there is quite a bit of variety!
The minimal requirements for receiving a VoxBox are: a profile on Influenster, a connected Instagram account, and time. While you don’t have to fill out a million snaps to be sent a box, it doesn’t hurt to do one or two now and then. Once you receive your first box to review you’re more likely to receive others in the future.
Good luck!

These packages are always the absolute cutest. This box contained only Maybelline products, so the outside reflects that.

My box came with a card that details the items and gives steps for how to review them properly on the Influenster app.

I was sent two items in this box, both pieces of makeup from the brand Maybelline New York.

Maybelline TattooStudio Semi-Permanent Eyeliner in “Deep Onyx” – $7.99 value

When they say semi-permanent, they mean it! This liner is made of gel, so it glides on smoothly, and it’s super pigmented. That means when it says it’s black, it’s actually black. Not gray. Not “light” black (what even is that?). But BLACK. And the staying power of this liner is insane. After immediately applying, there is opportunity for purposeful smudging if you should choose, but after it dries down that sucker isn’t going anywhere. You can see the difference in the swatches posted below from when I first swatched the liner and after I tried to scrub it off. This liner is guaranteed to last up the 36 hours (although I don’t recommend wearing it that long) and requires a pencil sharpener to sharpen.

Fresh swatch

Swatch after attempting to scrub off with a wet washcloth

Maybelline City Bronzer in “200” – $9.99 value

In all honesty, this bronzer was a little too dark for my skin tone. I probably should have received the shade 100 instead, but that’s okay. I wasn’t able to use this item as a bronzer, because it gave my skin an orange hue that I found very unattractive. Because it’s completely matte I was able to use it as a contour though. Despite being too dark it blended out beautifully. This bronzer is made from whipped cocoa butter, which makes it super soft. The only issue with that is that it makes A LOT of kick back in the palette when you’re using it. The best part about this product is that it’s super pigmented and long lasting up to 16 hours.

My impression of the box items: I really liked both of the items in this box! I hate that the eyeliner is a pencil that needs to be sharpened (hello, it’s 2019! Automate, darnit!), but I love the formula of the pencil itself. The bronzer was too dark, but I really liked how great it was at contouring and how long lasting it was. I won’t use this shade again, but I’d definitely purchase the lighter shade.

My impression of reviewing on Influenster: so much smoother than both the first and second time I received VoxBoxes. Maybe it’s because they’ve worked out the kinks, or maybe it’s because I only received two products and since they were only for one company I only needed needed to worry about reviewing once. Either way, it was a much better experience.

Thanks for reading!


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